Monday, 26 July 2010

My Swablu Bracelet!

A really lovely American lolita on the EGL Sales Community was making Pokemon bracelets. I was thrilled to discover that she would be able to make me one with my favourite pokemon- Swablu! I am unsure how this will work in with my lolita wardrobe or if I will choose to only wear it with my casual clothing. Pokemon is a huge guilty pleasure of mine and I do try to keep anime and manga separate from lolita.

The bracelet was reasonably priced and it arrived very quickly. Usually postage between the USA and the UK averages around 2 weeks. This bracelet came in just over 1 week. Impressive! The construction was well thought out but sometimes Swablu ends up facing downwards. It is more to do with the shape of the figure. It was not meant for a bracelet so there was nothing to attach the string to. So she made it by tying invisible string around the bases of the wings. As you can see it is not very visible. I feel the bracelet deserves a 4.5/5.

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