Monday, 19 July 2010

Luna's jewellery inspiration.

A friend enquired about lolita jewellery recently and asked to see a few examples. At first, I was a little unsure about how I should do this. When it comes to lolita and jewellery, it is about one of the only things that is really unrestricted. If you walk into a branch of Claire's you could easily spot loads of jewellery that could work (it is lucky Claire's is so cheap then!). Lolita brands also have their own jewellery and will often make items that match their latest series.

Feeling a little bit stuck, I decided I would simply show images of jewellery I had found which I thought looked beautiful. I narrowed my choices down and split them into my 3 favourite lolita styles. Although these pieces could easily work with other lolita styles as well.

First up, we have the sweet style jewellery. My theme here was "All Things Cute". As you can see a lot of the pieces I have picked are sugary overload!
1. Bodyline star and musical note bracelet (still available) 2. Angelic Pretty Dreamy Bunny bangle 3. Angelic Pretty Magical Pony necklace 4. Ribbon Bow ring by Baby the Stars Shine Bright 5. Innocent World Forest Animal necklace (still available) 6. Hairband unknown shop 7. Cake Ring by Meow Box (still available) 8. RavinMaven berry ring 9. Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly Ring 10. RavinMaven ice cream ring 11. unknown etsy shop. If you know who made the items which are unknown then please contact me.

Next I decided to get some pictures of jewellery that would suit the country lolita look. I chose gingham and lots of berries.
1. Baby the Stars Shine Bright gingham bow bracelet (still available) 2. Ring by Buttons by Lou Lou 3. cherry ring 4. unknown strawberry ring 5. unknown gingham hair band

Finally, I looked up some gothic jewellery (I am always torn between sweet and gothic lolita). I looked up pieces that had obvious gothic points like skulls and black but I tried to make sure they had a bit of lolita influence. Gothic jewellery is easy to get hold of so I wanted to show some jewellery which has something a little special about it. I prefer my gothic jewellery to not look too bulky which you sometimes get with western gothic jewellery so I tried to also make sure I picked pieces that looked a little more elegant.
1. lolita mini crown cuff (available) 2. lovers of sin brooch (temporarily out of stock) 3. SerendipityLicious skull cameo 4. ghostlovejewelry necklace

Obviously, these are just a few examples and I have only shown examples from my favourite lolita styles. I have been trying to find some jewellery with moons and stars on it. I have quite a few people who call me Luna now and I have become obsessed with moons and stars. Also, I am cancer the crab which is ruled by the moon so it seems appropriate. If I find any good pieces I will do another post.

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  1. Hi! Just to inform you, I saw this post and studied the pictures. I'm just quite busy now but when I have time I'll make some pieces and could send some to you. I'll ask for your address when I get something done!


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