Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bodyline are having a design contest apparently...

I am currently working on a jewellery post and I shall be in London on Saturday. I am very busy at the moment. Also, it is my birthday on Wednesday 21st so I shall be off to the beach :D Please bear with me as I get settled into a posting schedule.

Anyway! Back on topic, I visited the Bodyline home page and apparently they are having a design contest. There is also a model competition going on. I personally don't fancy the idea of the modelling contest. I just seem to lack confidence. Plus I consider myself quite average looking. But the design contest definitely sounds right up my street!

The trouble is, Bodyline have not really provided much information. They have included an email address which oddly includes the word paypal in it. Are you going to suddenly be lumbered with a paypal invoice you didn't realise you were signing up for? Are international entries allowed? They say they are going to send winning designs out to you but will they have the larger size options available? There is no information! I appreciate that Bodyline has trouble with their English and other non-Japanese languages but if we enter and find out our design can't be included or that you are going to get an item in their regular small size then there are going to be some unhappy lolitas!

Another issue is Bodyline in general. Bodyline are not really considered a proper lolita brand. Although Bodyline are capable of creating some beautiful pieces, they are also famous for getting pieces totally wrong. For every Bodyline lover, there is a hater. If you look hard enough you will find loads of people love slagging off this company. So if you were to enter, would you be happy with the end result? Can Bodyline truely understand your vision? What looked great in your planning stages may not turn out so good when you see it made.

If I am allowed to enter I will probably have a go just to see how well I do. I have no idea what I will design yet. By the looks of it, you need to design a skirt. I want to design a piece that will totally rock the Bodyline staff but also show the wider community that Bodyline can achieve greatness. I would love to spy on lolita communities and see what they have to say.

So, any information would be great!

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