Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly

I have just seen the newest Angelic Pretty set. It is called Fantastic Dolly and here it is! I must apologise for the sizing of this image. I will get my husband to try and fix it so it doesn't go into the right side quite as much!

It has a very retro 50's look to it, especially the red version. Polka dots and bold colours. If you wanted to wear this dress casually and not as part of a loli co-ordinate, then I think it would look very glamorous with some heels, with hair pinned up and a slick of red lipstick. I would also add a matching scarf. Not shown here is a lavender and pink colour version which I think is my favourite of the set.

One of my issues is that some of the styles look too short. There are pictures of these dresses being modelled and some are quite high up on the thighs. It could just have been the way it was being modelled. Quite a lot of Angelic Pretty prints have had short options recently. I am also not too keen on the neckline shown on the pink dress. It would not suit everybody and I think if I wore this style it would probably look a bit awkward. I like the bodice on the white one the best but would have the ribbon at the waist like the one in the red version. The waist ribbon on the white dress looks like it is not meant to be there and I don't like how it just hangs down the front like that. But I am sure you would be able to hide it around the back quite easily.

I like how the ribbons at the bottom are part of the print and not actual bows. Actual bows would be too much. The actual print is very pretty but not too dissimilar to other designs. Apparently the Eiffel Tower is on there somewhere. I must have missed that! I saw the Eiffel Tower socks though and they look amazing.

I have to say that although the dress is good overall, I don't think I would purchase it. It is just not my kind of style. I am not a massive fan of polka dots but I can see why Angelic Pretty have used them. I do think it will be popular but maybe not as popular as other dresses with a similar print. I guess we will have to wait and see!

I do NOT own these images. If I am asked to remove the images I will happily do so. If you own this image feel free to contact me.


  1. I like the bow tie motifs as it take the cuteness to another level.

  2. I love the bow motif. I think they are adorable and one of the best bits of the dress.


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