Friday, 31 August 2012

Loreal BB Cream Review

Despite giving the Garnier BB cream a very average review, I haven't completely given up on Western versions of BB cream. After some disastrous results using the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream (Do not go there! It is mega greasy!), I stumbled across one by Loreal. Loreal Nude Magique BB Cream is a fairly new one on the market, but I had heard online that this one was good. I also heard that this BB cream is supposed to be the closest that the West have gotten to making an Asian style BB cream. So I had high expectations when I decided to give this a go.

Once again, I am not a make-up expert so I am just writing this as best I can. I have also cropped out some of my face because my skin still thinks I am a teenager and I don't want to put my whole make-up free face on the net! 

Here is the BB cream in question! This BB cream only comes in 2 colours, so I went for the lighter of the two. At first I was a little disappointed to see only 2 different shades, but apparently it has smart pigment capsules in it. So I figured that maybe the colour was a bit flexible and would adapt. 

My skin before putting anything on it.

Apologies for the blurry photo! This is what the product looks like. As you can see, it is white! Just like your standard Asian BB cream would be. So I rubbed it on the back of my hand and the colour built up nicely. The product felt like a moisturiser at first, but then felt like liquid foundation.

My face with just the BB cream on. You should know that this was my second attempt at using this BB cream. The first time I applied too much and I ended up looking very orange! So this time around I used a lot less and it was much better! It did look a bit dark for my skin, but not too noticeable. Considering how pale my skin is, this is understandable and I would consider mixing a tiny bit of moisturiser to lighten it a little bit. It felt very light on my skin, as if I wasn't wearing anything. You can still see my skin flaws a bit, but they were less obvious than they were before. I was very pleased to see that my skin looked dewy, but not greasy. It was definitely the sort of texture I would have wanted, so I was impressed. After reading the back of the tube, I do feel that the product description was quite accurate and not deceiving. 

This is me with full make-up. I found that I needed to use a lot less concealer than usual and that my make-up seemed to blend in a lot better. Everything generally felt easier to apply. I was also very pleased that my make-up did not budge at all for quite some time. When I went to bed I found myself having to scrub my face a fair bit just to make sure I got it all off! So I would say that it is pretty durable. I have oily skin but found that I needed to re-apply powder a lot less.

Considering this costs £9.99 for a 30ml tube, I do think it was worth it. It is definitely the best Western BB cream I have tried so far. I would definitely buy this again. I am gradually becoming more positive towards BB cream. I still need to get that Missha BB cream I want, just so I have an Asian one to compare it to. But I do think the Loreal BB cream is a strong contender. It is definitely the best western one I have tried.

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