Monday, 13 August 2012

Meta's 10th Anniversary Set

On August the 9th 2002, Metamorphose started up their official site in English. Wow... has it really been that long? Time sure flies! To celebrate this milestone, Meta are offering a special set.

Details can be found here-

I am currently putting money aside for future spending, so I can't really join in. But given the price and the items you get, I do think this could be worth doing. For 10,000yen you get a fully shirred skirt, a blouse, drawers and an original print tote bag. And I think that even after adding shipping (and potentially customs fees if you are unlucky) there is still the chance to make a profit on items if you don't like what you get.

If the example pictures are anything to go by, then I am not too fussed with the choice of skirts on offer. My favourite would be the deer print one (which I have totally forgotten the proper name of!) and I would be happy to get it, but what are the odds that you would get that particular skirt? I would probably be disappointed if I got one of the other ones! Blouses are always a good basic item to get in these packs, although one of the example ones has massive bell sleeves on it. I get a bit bored seeing drawers in happy packs and I would have preferred a pair of socks. Then again, drawers always come in handy.

Possibly my favourite part of this set is the chance to get a tote bag of past popular series. Out of the 8 bags on show, I would hope to get my hands on Twinkle Journey (a very popular choice!), Jewel Butterfly or Royal Rose. Yes, tote bags are easy to make, but it is another item to collect! Meta tote bags tend to be quite spacious. I can carry a fair bit in my March of the Duck tote, without it feeling as though the bag is about to break or anything. It is a nice alternative to the normal lolita purses, which are cute, but not always practical when you have a long day of frilly fun ahead of you.

It sounds really strange but despite not being overwhelmed by the items featured, I would like to buy it. I think the low price makes it worth going for, so it doesn't really feel that risky.

If you are interested, I would get in there quickly. By the sounds of it, this set is only available until the 17th.


  1. Very cute lucky pack! Although I wish the photo of the pink set was clearer--I can't really see the print!

    I'd love to get either set (the deer print is realy cute!!), but I already commissioned a skirt from someone so I have no funds ;A;

    1. I think the print shown in pink is Melody Poodle. It is not a brilliant photo.

      Aww, shame :( I am in a similar position myself!


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