Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lockshop Hime Wig in Brown

I was so distracted by my holiday that I totally forgot to mention that I got my first wig back in July! I would like to quickly add that I don't intend to become one of those lolitas who think that wigs are an essential part of a lolita outfit. My reason for ordering it was because my own hair styling skills suck! I want something I can wear when I fancy a change.

I decided to go for Lockshop because I had heard and seen some horror stories about a well known lolita wig company, and one of the girls in the Oxford group had a Lockshop wig. So I kind of had an idea about quality before I went ahead and purchased my wig. I went for the Hime style wig because I thought that it looked pretty and you could control how big the bump was. So how styled the wig looked was up to you.

Please bear in mind, that I am writing this review from memory!

Ordering Process

The Lockshop website is very clearly set out and I found ordering the wig very easy. The wig combs were sold out, but I managed to get all the other bits I want. I was frequently emailed with updates. I was also able to track the progress of my order, so I was never in doubt as to where my wig was and how the order was going. 


I can't remember exact times, but I do remember that the wig arrived very quickly. I know it didn't have to travel too far to England, but I was still very impressed with the speed. The shipping cost seemed very reasonable for the speed and came.

The wig came in a big cardboard box. The box was sealed very tightly, so it didn't come open at all. The items inside were wrapped in tissue paper. There was a bit of room for the items to move about in the box, but the items arrived in perfect condition. I suppose wigs are not going to get that damaged moving around in the box anyway! The most important thing was that it was well sealed.

Lockshop wigs come with a long list of care instructions, which I think is a great touch. Not everybody who orders from Lockshop is going to be an experienced wig user, so to have a bit of help is useful.

Like most wig shops, I got given a free wig cap. Yay! As you can see, the wig was quite well packed. I also got a wig stand to make styling a bit easier.

Apologies for the lighting on this photo. This photo was taken a few days after it was styled, so it looks a bit flatter than it was. As you may have guessed from the way it is packed, the wig doesn't initially come out looking ready to wear! The Lockshop website has a guide on styling the hime bump but I found it a bit too basic. So I got Michelle to come over and she had a go at styling it for me whilst I watched how to do it. It definitely looks a lot better now than it first did. Being a novice wig user, I don't really know a lot about fibre quality. All I know is that the wig does feel soft to me and in real life, the wig doesn't look very shiny. I really dislike very shiny wigs! Brushing gave it a nice softer look, just like on the website. I think it looks a bit nicer that way, as it is a bit more natural looking. That was my main aim with buying this wig- I wanted it to look a bit more special than my real hair, but at the same time I didn't want some OTT looking wig. I don't think styles like the twin pigtail wigs suit me anyway. I was initially unsure about the colour, but it has grown on me. I have been told it suits me though!

Sorry, but I don't have any pictures of me wearing the wig right now! I have worn it a bit but to be honest, the weather here in the UK is hot and humid right now. The last thing I want to do is put a hot wig on my head! I will make sure to have pictures of it soon though, so do keep an eye out.

I feel very pleased with my wig and I would use Lockshop again. Ordering the wig was a very positive experience. It is definitely going to make things a lot easier for me.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the wig review. I too love natural looking wigs. I have a tough time with my own hair because it is quite short and does not work very good for lolita. I think when I wear lolita I need to have long hair. That is just a personal preference of mine.
    I am going to look at lockshop now - so far I have just looked at cyperus, pinkage and gabalnara! :)
    Enjoy your new wig!

    1. My hair is too thick and heavy for most styles :( I have seen some very pretty lolitas with short hair! I really think it comes down to personal preference.

      Oh, I have been looking at Gabalnara too! That is the other place I have been thinking about buying from, but maybe not for a bit yet. They have some lovely casual wigs on there and I have heard the quality is good.

      Thank you! :)


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