Friday, 10 August 2012

Bodyline Order August 2012 Review

It feels like ages since I last ordered from Bodyline! I decided to do a small order this month. Once again, I wont be reviewing the Bodyline ordering process because I have done that quite a few times in the past.


I placed my order on the 5th of August (after the Bodyline website had been down for a couple of days again!) and my tracking number came through quite quickly. It arrived yesterday, on the 9th, so it took just 4 days to get here. That seems to be a bit quicker than usual, although I did use their EMS shipping.

My order was placed in this shipping bag, which was thick and tough. There were no holes in the bag at all and no sign of any damage. So it was shipped to me quite safely. I was a bit worried because I ordered some shoes and I thought the other smaller items might get bashed. The shoes were packed in typical Bodyline style- tissue paper stuffed in the toes with those tube things to keep the shoes in shape, then wrapped up separately in a single layer of tissue paper. So not very secure at all. But this is something I have come to expect now and if this is something that concerns you, be careful what you order with your shoes. I still have not managed to get hold of one of those Bodyline shoe boxes, which I know exist!

I ordered shoes 251 in dark pink. I already own this style of shoe in white and red, so I already knew I would be comfortable with these shoes. The shoes fit well and the design is simple, but cute. I went for dark pink because I think some pink lolita shoes look so pale, that you can barely see the colour on them. So I was really pleased with the colour of these. When Bodyline started doing dark pink shoes I was worried they would be a hot pink kind of colour, but these shoes are a nice deep baby pink shade. It reminds me of Angelic Pretty.

My main reason for my order was to get some rose barettes. These are all ACC258. I got 2 cream, 2 orange and I was meant to get 2 red, but only got 1. But it looks as though Bodyline only had one of the red ones in stock, as they have now sold out. Again, I knew exactly what to expect as I had already ordered one of these clips for a meet prize a while back. But one thing I wasn't expecting was how deep the red clip was in colour. It looks a bit lighter on the website. 

The back has both a clip and a pin, just like the popular 2-way clips do. This is brilliant, as it makes them easier to wear in different ways. The roses look exactly the same as they do on the website (apart from the colour of the red version). The lace is okay. I thought the deep beige colour of the lace was a bit dull but to be honest, I didn't really buy these clips for the lace. I just liked the roses. 

Finally, I got tights LEG159 which are under the punk section of the website. I was just curious to see what they would be like. As I opened the pack, I was a little concerned about how long they will last. The material feels very cheap and flimsy. They are also very thin. It wouldn't take much to get a large snag in these and I am actually a bit paranoid about wearing them for long periods. I tried them on briefly. They are one-size but I wouldn't recommend these to anybody over 5'4'' in height because even I struggled to get them up the whole way. It didn't help that I thought they could ladder at any second. I also wouldn't recommend these tights if you are plus-sized. Actually, I don't think I would recommend these tights to anybody at all! They are cheaply made and are not worth bothering with. I will be going to Primark for tights like this next time.

Just in case you were wondering about the pattern, this is what they look like when I put my hand inside them. I had problems lining up the pattern on my legs!

So Bodyline's service was very quick and easy, although they are still having the odd website problem here and there. It is just a case of waiting until the website comes back up again. I am very happy with the items I ordered, apart from the tights. The rose clips are beautiful for the price you pay and I am glad to have another pair of my favourite style of Bodyline shoes! 


  1. Ooh, I love all your gets! I've been wanting to buy from there for a while now to get some seifuku bows. I'll get around to it some time!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think Bodyline is definitely worth ordering from :)

  2. Wow, I will have to check out those roses. I think they might be good for a mori girl or dolly kei coord~ Super cute shoes too!

    1. Oh yeah! That sounds like a really good idea! Thank you :)

  3. Oh it's lovely to see how those shoes look in reality, I've been eyeing up the dark pink too! Might have to get them. :)

    Florrie x

    1. It is nice to have a really bright pink! :) My other pink shoes are really pale in comparison.


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