Sunday, 5 August 2012

Angelic Pretty Doll Case

I am doing a quick post today and publishing it a night early, because the 6th of August is in fact my wedding anniversary! I am going off for the day and so I might not have time to do a longer post.

I was browsing the Angelic Pretty Japanese website when I came across a tab on the left hand side which I hadn't seen before. So I clicked on it and discovered this cute little doll case! It makes good use of the Chess Chocolate print.

AP is going through a bit of a big chocolate phase at the moment, so I wasn't really surprised by the choice of print. Chess Chocolate also got a phone cover a while ago. What I like about it is that you can keep a doll inside it and the strap would suggest it is portable too. It is quite a handy way of keeping your doll safe during travel, but also to just preserve it as much as possible. But you can also use it as a mini clothes rail for your doll!

Okay, so admittedly I haven't got any dolls like this, but I have found myself wanting this case anyway! I love the chocolate theme. I adore the little throne because it really does look like it is made of chocolate. I suppose that it is also another collectable item for Chess Chocolate fans. The price of Chess Chocolate has come down a bit now after the initial hype, but there are some very big CC fans out there. I for one, know a couple of people who will want to get this simply because of the print. But regardless of whether or not you are one of those big CC fans, I feel this item would have a lot of appeal. Although, I know some people will find it totally pointless. 

It might be just another novelty item, but I actually love seeing what some of the brands come out with! This is a bit different from the usual tea cups and stuff. I always wonder what they will come out with next...


  1. I always love it when the brands come out with novelty items!

    1. Me too! I could quite happily fill my whole house with them!


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