Monday, 3 September 2012

Melody Cat (a.k.a Cat Border) by Metamorphose

Today I will be taking a look at Cat Border by Metamorphose. This series includes 2 dresses, 2 skirts, a head bow and socks. This series may include more items, but they are dotted about the Meta website, so I may have missed something!

This is the Ruffle JSK. The bodice is very well fitted. The belt is really cute, with the heart shape buckle, and also nips the waist in well. However, I don't really like the overall shape of the top half, as I think it is too fussy. My issue with it is the straps. Here we see not just one pair of wide straps, but also halter-neck straps.  The standard sleeves are very wide, and the halter-neck straps only add to the bulk. I reckon the dress would have been fine with just the halter-neck straps. The bodice has a yoke, but it is so flat and blends in so much that there is not much point to it (with the exception of the ivory colour-way, which uses contrasting brown). However, the yoke looks smart enough and I suppose it does stop the area from looking totally plain. The bodice has small, thin bows running all down the front. There are quite a few bows, but they are thin and simple enough to not look bulky. The back has a panel of shirring, but it appears to be open and exposed (it is very hard to tell in the photos). It could have looked messy, but it obviously blends in quite well! The skirt has a really full bell shape, which looks really pretty. The belted waist really emphasises the skirt shape. It will hold a decent amount of petticoat. The ruffles are nicely spaced out and also appear very fluffed out. Ruffles can look a bit flat sometimes, but these ones are very perky and so they really stand out. The only thing I dislike about the skirt is the button front (which I think actually opens and is on the bodice as well, underneath the bows). It is very obvious and disturbs the skirt ruffles. I also wonder if this is the kind of dress you would want to use as an over-dress. In my opinion, I don't think this idea really matches the print.

This is the High Waist JSK. The bodice is a nice shape and I adore the collar. The solid coloured collar gives it a cute look, which is also very neat and tidy. It also gives the dress a lovely small hint of retro. The solid coloured waist bow matches it perfectly. The waist bow is small and has a nice, sturdy shape to it. The bow is a good size for the shape of the dress and it really suits it. The bodice is quite plain, but it is finished off with cute heart-shaped buttons. All the bodice details compliment each other really well and I think the design is very balanced.

I do think the back of this dress looks a bit awkward. It just seems strange having such a low back and then having the straps coming down and back of the collar at the top. Although it would probably give less support, I think I would get rid of the vertical straps, just to make it look neater. I also think the back of the dress could end higher. I know it is a high waisted dress and the back is bound to be small, but I think a bit extra wouldn't hurt. The back has a panel of shirring running all the way across it. Normally I would think this looks too open, but because the back is so small, it is not that noticeable. 

The skirt has a very flared, pretty shape. It looks as though it will hold a decent amount of petticoat as well. The skirt is kept free of clutter and so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom has 2 ruffles, both lined with ribbon. The ribbon really helps to define the ruffled shape. I really love how full the ruffles look. They are not flat, and look very full with a lot of movement.

And this is the print close-up. The print comes in black, pink and ivory. I personally think the black suits the print the best. The pink colour is cute, but I don't think the cats stand out as well on that colour. Whilst the ivory is pretty, I dislike the collar on the high waist JSK for the ivory version. The colour used for the collar is a very sludge brown colour and looks very dull. As for the print itself, it is very cute. The cats are so playful and the print really picks up on those quirky things cats do. In fact, looking at this print reminds me of one of my neighbour's cats, who I frequently see exploring the flowers and chasing butterflies in my garden. This print is going to be a dream for cat lovers! It is very simple, with the cat's features not drawn, but at the same time it is effective. Although this print is not my sort of thing, I do think it is a lovely design.

At time of publishing, the proper sock stock pictures had not been released. But if the sketch is anything to go by, they are going to match the series very well. But the reason I really like these socks is because of the cute paw print on the bottom of the foot! Most people are probably not going to notice it, but it is still a nice touch.

Overall, I do think this is a very cute series. It is definitely a lot nicer than some of the recent Meta releases! However, I do feel this series may be destined to remain hidden away on Meta's website, not making much of an impact. I don't think I have even heard anybody talking about this series. Oh well, hopefully some big cat print fans will snap it up. I do think it is cute, but I wouldn't want to buy it. If I had to pick something I would go for the high waist JSK in black. It might be a bit too cute for gothic lolita, but that is what I would attempt to do with it, just for fun.

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