Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Luna's Musings on Charity and Lolita

This post wont be to everybody's tastes but... I am going to write it anyway. If anybody has any opinions on this post then I would love to hear them.

Recently, I saw something online and I have to admit it did irritate me. This person was saying that if lolitas are buying $300 dresses, then they should also give to charity. In my opinion, it is nobody else's business what I or anybody else chooses to spend their money on. I have noticed other comments online which sort of give off the impression that lolita is a very selfish hobby. I think that there are a lot of lolitas out there who do donate to charity but they don't broadcast this information. Whilst I can understand what the commenter is saying, I have to say that it has gotten me thinking about things. You see, for a while now I have been thinking of holding some sort of charity event. It is a good cause and the charity is one close to my heart. But I am a little concerned that my intentions wont come across well.

The bit that worries me is that I intend to wear lolita whilst doing so and I will openly admit that this is so I get more attention. When I wear lolita in public, I get a lot of attention. So why not use this attention and get it to work in my favour? As bad as it sounds, I think people will be more likely to come over and donate if I grab their attention. Surely getting more money for a good cause is a positive thing? This is literally the only reason why I would even think of wearing lolita to a charity event. I worry that it sounds like I am manipulating the general public.

So this is what I have been pondering- is using lolita as a gimmick a bad thing to do in this particular situation? Is it going to come across in a negative way? I would essentially be treating lolita like a costume too.

I have decided that if I go ahead with this event I am going to follow my heart and trust my intuitions. I know that deep down, my only intention is to raise money for a good cause. The attention grabbing is not for my own benefit. If I truly believe I am doing the right thing, then I can handle any backlash. In all honesty, I don't think I have been put off wearing lolita for a charity event.

I don't know if my idea will go ahead or not. If it does, I may need a few people in the UK on hand to help me out. It will be for Cancer Research UK because I think this charity is the one that has affected me the most. I am not going to reveal my plans right now but I will give you a clue- it involves a popular retro toy...


  1. Honestly, it's whatever you think of it. It's the same as when commercials like ASPCA or St. Jude's put depressing scenarios. It's all about how you get the audience. Yes, essentially these are for good causes but you need to get the attention of people to actually get these causes noticed. It's sad yes but just like a lot of the fashion industry is about sex. It sells because it gets attention.

    Even if it seems wrong to you or not, I think the end justifies the means. If you're doing it for a good purpose, then why not. If it's not hurting anyone then I see no problem.

    ~ Kieli ~

    1. Thanks for your response! At the end of the day, I know I am doing it for a good cause. That is the most important thing :)

  2. hello i am a lolita and I was ill with cancer a year ago.
    I think the reasoning that the lolita spend so much money in clothes and not out of charity, is wrong.
    I spend money on clothes brand, but I do charity, supporting cancer research. I am an example that is not true that we do not lolita charity. I have been ill with cancer chemotherapy, and I still do every 3 months up examinations.
    I dress lolita and aid the search.

    1. Yes, I think this is what irritated me about that comment I saw. It implied that lolitas never give to charity- which is incorrect! I know lots of lolitas who have brought expensive dresses and then donated to charity. It makes me more determined to go ahead and do a fund raising event. The good news is that since this post was published, I have had offers from people wanting to join in and help.

      It is great to hear you are helping such a great cause and I really hope your health improves.


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