Wednesday, 18 April 2012

AP International Site Shopping Review- Positive

Despite owning various bits of Angelic Pretty, this was actually my very first time using the international website. I placed a fairly small order but I thought I would do a review anyway. I kind of wished I had made a bigger order because my friend got the free strawberry parfait glass and it looks really cute!

Ordering Process

Desperate to get things correct from the beginning, I decided the best thing to do would be to read the 'Shopping Guide' page. This page is very easy to find and read, although I did have a bit of an issue at one stage. On this page you will see a bit under the headline "Ordering" which says about getting a User ID and page for JP Stores and they provide a URL on this page. So I clicked on it and signed up. I then attempted to order my items, only to find out that this link was actually incorrect. You need to register with Japan Stores and not JP Stores (they are different). The correct link to set up your ID is actually on the shopping page. I quickly realised my mistake and corrected it, but I don't think AP have set that out clearly.

Once I got through that little issue, I re-added my items to the cart and this time I was successful. Adding, removing and adjusting quantities is very easy to do and the shopping cart system is very straight forward. When you go to the checkout you can see your progress at the top of the page. I got all the emails I needed quite quickly too. I can't really comment on AP's communication because I never needed to contact AP.

Shipping Process

To find my tracking number I had to get it via my Japan Stores user page. This was very straight forward. I always knew where my package was. Even Parcelforce's website was being surprisingly helpful! (I hate Parcelforce so much and I know many other UK lolis do too!) The package did take quite some time to get to me but this was in part due to the Easter holidays. The package got to the UK quickly but sadly, the UK customs were being very slow. So I am only holding UK customs and my local Parcelforce branch responsible for this!

The outside packaging was a bit of a surprise. It was in an AP shopping bag. Initially I was worried that it wasn't very secure but when I got my scissors out to open the parcel, I realised just how thick and strong AP's shopping bags can be.

I was unable to save the shopping bag that it was sent in, but AP provided another AP shopping bag inside! AP must realise their customers love their cute little shopping bags. The jewellery I ordered was in a small, slimline box and was wrapped well in bubble wrap. There was no rattling inside, so the jewellery had no room to move about during shipping.

And inside, more bubble wrap! It was very secure. Can you tell what it is yet?

I ordered a Chess Knight necklace in antique gold to go with my Nostalgic Chess dress and on a whim, I also got a Lyrical Bunny drop ring in pink.

The Chess Knight necklace is just as beautiful as I expected it to be. It is very detailed. It is not too heavy but it does have a bit of weight to it. So it doesn't feel fragile at all.

As the name of the colour suggests, AP have given it a "fake antique" look to make it look as though it has been worn and is a lot older than it really is. I really like this because I think it gives the necklace a nice touch. I don't think I would have liked it as much if it looked too polished in appearance.

I never realised this necklace was hollow, so that was a surprise!

When I discussed the Toy Drops print I was a bit unkind about the print, but I did say that I thought any jewellery had the potential to be very cute. And I am very pleased to say that I believe I was right! I love the idea of having gum drop themed jewellery. I preferred the Lyrical Bunny ring to the bear one. I am sorry if the photo is blurry but it is very difficult to photograph something so transparent! You will have to take my word for it that it is cute. The ring feels quite solid with a gold ring for a base. The base is also adjustable, although I am unsure how much bigger it will go.

So overall, I am very happy with my order and I think this was a positive experience. The items were just as described and I adore them. After some initial confusion, I found AP easy to order from and I will be ordering again in the future. My issue here was not with AP, but with the UK's shoddy postal service! So I do hope to order from Angelic Pretty again soon. I highly recommend them.


  1. vary cute accessories, and thanks for writing about your experience :D

    1. You're welcome! :D I can't wait to wear these <3


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