Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Meta Nostalgic Chess Review

Ever since its release, I have missed several opportunities to own Nostalgic Chess, but I finally got it! I got it from Mbok and I used Japonica again. I wont review Japonica again today, so do look up my Starry Night Theatre review if you want to know more. After begrudgingly paying a customs charge, I got my new dress on Monday. At first I was a little worried because my package was very light and it felt too light to be a dress! Thankfully, I did indeed get the right item.

I got the high waisted pinafore style JSK in black. Navy was my first choice but I got black as a compromise. True to its name, the waistline is high and it sits a bit above my waist. However, I found that this doesn't affect my wearing of the dress too much and the dress still ends by my knees. The dress fitted very comfortably and the measurements given for this dress are accurate.

The material used for the main body of the dress is a little on the thin side, which is probably why my parcel felt unbelievably light. It would have been good if the material was a bit thicker. I only tried on the dress briefly but I don't think you can see through the material. Despite getting the black dress, I could probably wear this dress in the Summer without feeling too uncomfortable. The dress has 2 linings- a stiff one and a softer one. Having the soft material between the stiff lining and your skin is very useful as it stops me getting itchy.

The material is fairly soft, especially when compared to other Metamorphose pieces I own. The print itself is gorgeous. However, I did spot that you can see lines in the print. I think this print has a lot of similarities to Old Emblem (which I also own). I knew the chess boards were brown. I can't make up my mind if I should wear this dress with black or brown shoes.

I love the use of stripy material instead of lace because it is quirky. The dress has buttons running down the front and 4 buttons for the waist ties. The waist tie buttons have the print on them, so they blend well. The bows by the straps are detachable and I might use them as a hair accessory.

The shirring does not have anything covering it but it blends in well with the dress anyway. I am a little confused as to why the straps have buttons. You can undo them on the back, but the straps are still attached to the front! They also don't have any more button holes so it is not as if you can adjust the length either.

The waist ties are also decorated with stripy frills. The print is on both sides of the waist ties so that is good. Although the frill running up them is only on one side.

So overall, I am mega happy to have another dream print of mine! I really can't wait to put an outfit together!


  1. it was pretty cute :D Congrats with a new dress :D

  2. I'm so jealous! This is such a beautiful print :D

    1. It has been high on my wishlist ever since it came out! I see a couple of these dresses floating about from time to time. You just need to find them :)


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