Friday, 13 April 2012

Laduree Team up With Hello Kitty!

One of my favourite places to get macarons has decided to team up with Hello Kitty! You can now get a box of limited edition Hello Kitty macarons. You get 8 in a box.

It comes in very cute packaging, which I simply adore. Being limited edition packaging, these boxes are a bit on the expensive side at £14.10 for 8. If I were to get one, I would definitely wash the box out and keep it for cute storage afterwards.

They look so yummy and cute!


  1. I have never bought macarons, but have ate homemade ones :D here in norway they are VERY expensive and rare to buy for some wired reason :S
    Those are pretty cute though :)

    1. Macarons appear to be spreading a bit more here in the UK, although the best ones are still in London! These HK ones are a bit expensive compared to usual UK macaron prices but I guess people are paying for the limited edition boxes.

  2. Eeeeeeks, so cute!!! I would definitely keep the box afterwards :)


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