Friday, 13 May 2011

New banner!

Oh dear.... Blogger really screwed up earlier. In fact, I have completely forgotten what I was meant to write about today (fail!) because I spent all day unable to log in. However, all is not lost because I finally got a new banner! Hooray!

I cannot take any credit for my new banner because my awesome friend Raine made it for me! She made it because she was feeling unwell and had some spare time. Get well soon and thank you so much! Raine has included my favourite things- my ducky Ahiru-chan, my favourite print March of the Duck, yummy macarons from our recent Oxfordshire Lolita picnic meet and I am wearing what I believe is one of my best recent outfits.

I think most people will agree the new banner is a vast improvement!

By the way... what is going on with Bodyline? They have removed DHL so now shipping could potentially be more expensive. I am debating whether I should go ahead with my order plans or not. I want the strawberry skirt but is it really worth it? My advice to everybody is to play around with the shopping cart and work out what items give you the best value. That is what I did earlier and I found the following example. For international orders one skirt would be approximately $19 shipping but 2 skirts was about $21 or $23. The other option is to complain and let Bodyline know that we want DHL by not ordering from them. I guess we will have to wait and see what Bodyline do next.


  1. Blogger made a big boo-boo with it's maintenance on Wednesday which is why you couldn't do anything and if you posted anything after then it like went as the database got messed up.
    Anyway Raine's banner is really nice and worth the wait.
    Hugs, Caroline.

  2. I am glad people like it! I had no idea Raine had made it until she sent it to me and it made me so happy!


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