Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Meta's Fruit Punch Soda

Today I am discussing Meta's latest offering Fruit Punch Soda. The series has 3 dresses, 2 skirts, a bag, a headpiece and mini top hat and socks.

This is the OP from the series. I am very happy to see that the skirt part appears fairly rounded. Sometimes I find Metamorphose skirts can look a little triangular but this one looks like it has a nice shape to it. It also looks generous in size. There is a frill running along the middle of the skirt but it does not disturb the shape too much. The frill has 2 bows on it and the draft pictures suggest these are detachable. The bows look a good size and they are fairly simple. I would probably keep these bows on and possibly lose the waist ribbon. The waist ribbon looks a little bulky. Apparently the waist bow has some detachable pearls but I can't see them in the photos. The website description just says pearl beads so we will just have to hope they look cute. The skirt part is finished off with a simple frill. I get the impression that this is a very basic series.

This is a close-up of the bodice. The sleeves are simple and slightly puffy. They look fairly stretchy too. Generally, I thought the shape of the bodice looked okay but I was a little put off by the slightly loose bits on the side. This might have something to do with the very small panel of shirring on the back. The shirring on this dress is very narrow and could possibly benefit from being just a little wider. However, it is very neatly tucked away. I can't imagine this dress being very large-bust friendly. I also thought the neckline on the back looked a little strange. It is sort of a rounded V shape and makes it look like it is struggling to fit the model dummy. The front of the bodice is very interesting. In my opinion, the frilly jabot part looks like a rectangle headdress has just been stuck on the front. However, this dress is slightly unusual because the jabot is also removable. As Meta have rightly pointed out, you can wear this dress in lots of different ways. All the detachable parts make this a very versatile dress. So you could remove all the bits and have a simple dress or you could wear as many frills as you like. Brilliant! My main dislike is the lace used on the jabot and running vertically down the bodice. I think it looks a little neat and untidy. Also, the zip could have been hidden a bit better.

Next up is this dress which Meta have called a sun dress. I usually picture sun dresses as being more relaxed than this, but nevermind! My initial impression was "Wow, that is a lot of frills". Even the waist ties have bows and frills on the bottom. It is a very frilly dress and comes across as more feminine and girly. The bodice on this dress looks like it fits better than the OP. The shirring panel on this dress is a bit bigger than the OP's panel but the sizing is smaller. The waist ties on this dress look quite long but I was impressed with how well concealed they are. The ends are probably hiding somewhere behind that huge waist ribbon. Again, the waist bow is a little on the chunky side and I think there are enough details on this dress that the dress will work well without it. The front of the bodice has 3 small lines of ribbon finished with bow and because of how small these lines are, I think it looks okay. The ends of the ribbons are hidden by small lines of ruffle. I thought the neckline was a little too straight and hexagonal in shape and could do with being a little softer. I am undecided on the ribbon tie straps but you can remove them and you are left with 2 plain thin shoulder straps. The skirt looks like it has a good shape to it and looks very spacious. Although I do like ruffles and bows, I think on this dress the skirt part has too much. I would lose the horizontal frill and just have the vertical frill and the bows. The bottom hem is finished with a ruffle of tulle. It looks very soft and floaty. This is definitely the showiest dress of the series.

This dress comes with one final addition-

These matching wrist cuffs come with this dress. When you consider how detailed the dress is, the wrist cuffs look a little plain in comparison. They are cute but I don't feel they add very much to the outfit.

This is the third dress and because it is being shown in black, I will be using a draft picture again.

This dress is the high waist pinafore style. The bodice on this dress is not as fitted as the other 2 dresses but it also has the largest shirring. The shirring on the back is not particularly hidden away and is fairly exposed. There is a second panel of shirring on the front which is hidden by ribbon so it is not too distracting. As far as the ruffles go, I think this dress has the nicest ruffles on the bodice. If you look at how simple the skirt is, this dress really needed a bit of detail on the bodice. The straps look like they are a decent width but they look a little messy in some pictures. I like the inclusion of an additional neck tie. If it is long enough, I would cross it over behind my neck and then bring it back and tie it on the front, sort of like a choker. It looks as though the waist bow is again on the large side and I still can't see these pearls! I wonder why they left them out in the photos? The skirt on this dress has a narrower rounded part. It still looks spacious but OTT sweet lolitas should go for the second dress if they can. The details at the bottom are so tiny I can barely see the bows and the chiffon frill bottom hem is thin. This dress is very plain but I think this dress shows off the print the best.

At least the back is a little more interesting but it is still simple. It has a large plain chiffon panel. It looks good but I quite like the print so I wanted to see it more!

This is the print close-up. There are only three colours (black, pink and mint) which is a little disappointing. This print sort of reminds me of Angelic Pretty's Fruits Parlour which is a print I admire and wouldn't mind owning. The stripes in AP's Fruits Parlour stand out more but Meta's print is good too. There are lots of cute items in this print. I like the way Meta have hidden the swan logo in the print too!

I am not too keen on this headpiece. So many bows! I don't usually like top hats but I would prefer the hat to this overcrowded headpiece.

So would I buy it? This time I am going to say yes. My favourite is the last dress but I admire the versatility of the first dress. Who knows... maybe you could use the jabot as a hair accessory! I think this print looks the best in mint. I think I was expecting a brighter pink and the black sort of detracts from the fresh Summery look. Overall, I think if you like ruffles this series would be a nice addition to many lolita wardrobes.


  1. I quite like the first jsk, it's nicely fitted. I can't make out whether the material is stripey or if thats the light but the stripey thing is quite popular now. It's quite cute ^_^

  2. Yes it is meant to be stripy. For some reason the stripes don't show up that well on the pink and mint. I am a stripe fan so I really like this!


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