Monday, 16 May 2011

Honey Cake by Angelic Pretty

Today I am discussing the new Angelic Pretty print called Honey Cake.

As we can see from the advert, the main part of the series consists of 3 dresses, a skirt, a head bow and socks. There are additional items available from this series so it is worth having a look on Angelic Pretty's website.

Here we have the OP from this series. The bodice on this dress looks like it will fit a variety of shapes and sizes. The site gives the waist measurement as 70cm but I am assuming that is not allowing for the stretchy shirring. This dress has a very large panel of shirring which spreads across almost all of the back. Sadly, the shirring has been left very exposed and in my opinion it makes the dress look cheaper. The bodice has a bib on the front. The bib has a nice shape to it and the design is relatively simple. It features pleats and has a line of lace running along the edge. There are 3 bows attached to the bib. The ribbon used matches the main colours well but I don't think they add a lot to the design. I think the waist bow looks a suitable size for this dress. It also looks very firm and a nice shape too. The sleeves look very stretchy. They look pretty but I think a little more puff in the sleeves would look good. The sleeves have bows on them too. The ribbon used for the sleeve bows is not as pretty as the ribbon used for the bib bows. Personally, I would take them off. The neck ties are a decent length and have their own detachable bow on them. I think this is cute and I would use the mini bow as a hair accessory. The skirt part has a nice shape to it. I think there are too many ruffles because it obstructs the print a bit. At least it looks as though this skirt can handle a large petticoat. Using a large petticoat will probably help to spread the print out a bit better. The bottom is nice and simple. The bottom hem has some cute lace featuring cakes and bows. I don't think it is as special as some AP lace trims but it is still very pretty.

This is the switching JSK. The bodice on this JSK is a lot more fitted and has a pretty shape to it. This dress also has a large panel of shirring covering most of the back. The shirring on this dress is also very exposed which is a shame. I like the corset on the front of this bodice. It looks tidy and well spaced and the ribbon blends well. There are also some vertical lines of wavy line lace. I would not associate this lace with your typical lolita dress but brands seem to be using this more and it actually works great with this dress. There are 2 other vertical lines which are wider at the top and get narrower near the waist. It makes the waist look smaller which is a bonus. The neckline is smart and a good shape. The waist bow is a little large. I like how the waist bow is stripy. It especially stands out on the ivory colour way. The skirt is a lovely shape. It does not look as puffy as the other dresses. Although the AP site says all the dress lengths are the same, I get the impression that this dress looks a tiny bit longer (possibly because the skirt is less puffy). The bottom of the skirt is finished in the same way as the first dress.

This is the final JSK. The bib part is pretty much identical to the one on the OP. The bodice on this dress looks a bit looser than the other dresses which is worth bearing in mind if you are petite. Unlike the other 2 dresses, this dress has a smaller shirring panel and it is hidden by a corset. However, this dress also has the smallest waist measurement. The sleeves have some smart lace running on them but are maybe slightly narrow. I don't feel there is much point me talking about the skirt because it is very similar to the other dresses. I have been noticing that AP only appear to make a few small differences with a lot of their dresses. The dress details are generally very cute but maybe AP would benefit from a little more variety.

And this is the print close-up. I do like the top part of the print but on the pink and mint it blends in to the background a lot. The ivory version is a lot bolder with the dark brown AP have used and therefore, it is my favourite colour from this series. As for the rest of the print? I dislike it a lot. I do like the bear shaped maple syrup bottle but generally it reminds me of a supermarket. It is not as cute as I would expect from Angelic Pretty. I don't think the tins and boxes are very inspired. I also can't shake off the feeling that this reminds me of Metamorphose's Honey Picnic.

Thankfully my favourite part of the print has its own T-Shirt! It is very cute and is simple enough to wear with other items.

Overall, I think the dresses are pretty but I dislike the print. I would not buy from this series apart from the T-Shirt above. If I had to pick a favourite dress I would probably say the second dress. But because the dress designs have a lot in common, I don't think it makes a lot of difference which dress I pick. I am very disappointed with this series. Apart from the maple syrup bear bottle which I think is cute, I would rather get Meta's Honey Picnic.


  1. Is it just me...Or is AP taking on a more 50s and 60s retro look this year? Hm... I love yours posts! They keep me up to date. ♥

  2. They have been releasing a lot of retro pieces. Meta just released that series with the vintage records too. Retro must be in fashion! And thank you <3


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