Thursday, 19 May 2011

Luna has a dilemma!

Next weekend is MCM Expo weekend! I am attending on Saturday the 28th.

However, I have a small problem. I don't know whether to wear lolita or not. Whenever I have gone to MCM I have said I will wear lolita and then I chicken out at the last minute. I have no issue wearing lolita to conventions. It is because it will mean getting up extremely early!

The expo opens at 9am, I want to beat the queues so I am catching a train at 7am which means leaving the house at 6.40am. Sometimes getting ready takes me 2 hours so that means waking up at 4.40am or finding some time saving measures. 4.40am... ouch!

Is it too much hassle? Hardly anybody wears lolita to the MCM Expo anyway but when I am there I always regret not dressing up. It will be hot and sweaty inside as well so I will probably wilt in the heat. If anybody has any suggestions I want to hear them! To lolita or not lolita? I probably wont know until the actual day!

By the way, I know some of my blog readers will be going too. Please do feel free to come over and say hello to me even if I am not in lolita (I wont bite, I promise!). I might ask you for a picture too if you don't mind. My husband will be on hand with my camera! I can be a little shy and quiet in person but I do like meeting people. If I am in lolita I will probably be wearing my AP Wonder Cookie JSK (white colourway) or I might be wearing some of my new Bodyline (more on my latest order coming tomorrow).


  1. Hi Luna,
    Yes you should wear Lolita for sure! I'll be wearing Lolita for the first time to expo (I'm usually in cosplay)I've already arranged to meet a few Lolitas there so would be nice to get a mini group together and you should be part of that group! I understand your dilemma. 4.40am is ridiculously early! Do you know anyone you can stay with on friday night so you don't have to get the train so early? Or if not perhaps you could get (half) ready on the train. I know, not ideal or very classy but I thought I'd suggest it! Anyway if I see you I'll definitely say hello.. would be lovely to meet you!

  2. I'll be going to the expo and wearing lolita :)
    I'll probably be getting up around...6 am? I hope to leave before 8 am. 30 minutes on the train. Hopefully the tube and DLR in under an hour. Allow an hour window for things to go wrong. I think I'll be there before 11 am, so, not as early as you'd want XD
    To save time, I have already planned my coordinate, make up and that stuff so it's a case of getting it all right first time and having luck! I was going to curl my hair but that could be pushing it :L
    I say go for it, though. Just go to bed early, get a good night's sleep beforehand and I think the effort will be worth it. I hope I meet you there :)

  3. Oh you should defo wear lolita! I've not seen many lolis at the previous expo's but it would be nice to have a group there. I'll be wearing lolita if I go (hopefully if I get time off work >_>) and I'll be sure to come up to you if I see you around as your one of my loli inspirations!

  4. Thank you all for the very encouraging words! I really want to wear lolita now. I can't guarantee I will be looking my best but I have taken all your advice in to consideration. Fingers crossed!


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