Monday, 9 May 2011

May 2011 Oxfordshire Lolita Meet

Oxfordshire Lolita Meet time! Despite getting about 2 hours sleep the previous night and feeling incredibly rough, I was able to attend. We had a mini thunderstorm and the weather was meant to be really bad. Our plan for the day was to go punting so the weather threatened to derail our plans. I am hopeless when it comes to the weather so it took me ages to decide what to wear. The theme was sailor and classic. I chose classic because I don't have enough in my wardrobe for a whole sailor outfit.

Skirt- Bodyline
Shirt- GLP
Bolero- Bodyline
Everything else is off-brand.

I think my outfit worked well (at least I hope it did!). If I was to be picky, I would say that I needed a bit more red to balance the colours a bit better. I could have done with a nice straw bag to match my hat too. My outfit appeared to go down well with the others and generally I was very happy with my choices.

We went to Yo! Sushi which is very popular amongst the Oxfordshire Lolitas. We always seem to end up here! We had a newcomer called Jenny (not to be confused with the other Jenni). She had to leave early so I did not have much time to talk to her. I don't think she wears lolita very often but she seemed lovely so hopefully she will attend a few more meets some time.

The weather remained sunny after all so we were able to go punting. I gave it a miss because James did not want to do it and I felt bad leaving my husband behind. So Michelle, James and I went on a very small pub crawl. I had some tasty mixed berry cider and also discovered rose flavoured lemonade. Rose lemonade is my new obsession and I want a recipe! It tastes like Turkish Delight!

Naomi also had to leave us early so I asked for a picture before she left.

I really like Naomi's take on the gothic style. The corset she is wearing is very beautiful in person and it really suits Naomi.

After stuffing my face with cake in a cafe, we decided it would be a good idea to take photos by the river. It started to rain a little but we did not let this dampen our mood. Here is the rest of our group-

Left to right we have-
Nicola (our little handmade queen!), Louise in off-brand, Sammi in Bodyline, Beau in Metamorphose, Michelle in Bodyline, Raine in off-brand and me in Bodyline.

As you can see, this meet was all about the hats!

We also made a new friend! Raine found a very tiny caterpillar so we had to introduce it to Beau's Meta dress. It is so cute when caterpillars scrunch up like that.

I had such a great day despite feeling tired. For the June meet we are off to London. I am really excited about that. I have no idea what we are doing yet but it is bound to be fun.


  1. I loved your co-ord that day, you looked really lovely and the skirt really surprise me, it is so detailed!
    Btw, you listed Michelle as wearing Meta but she is wearing the lovely 'Sweet Heart Biscuit' JSK by Bodyline ^^ (one of my favourites!) ☆

  2. I knew Michelle was wearing Bodyline so I have no idea why I put Meta! I must have been on auto-pilot mode when I typed it! I will correct it now.


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