Friday, 6 May 2011

Bodyline redeems itself

My faith in Bodyline has been restored! The rose print from the bag has a skirt as well as that hideous kimono (thank you to Kaihei to alerting me to this).

It pretty much looks like your average Bodyline skirt but for now I am just happy I will be able to buy more of this print after all! If Bodyline could also release a dress then that would be great!

However, it is not just the new rose print item that caught my eye today. I really want this skirt-

Bodyline's answer to AP's Triple Tart. Although a lot of people may disagree with me, I actually prefer Bodyline's skirt to Triple Tart. Triple tart had the clashing check part and the Bodyline skirt in my opinion, is better. I just wish the length was a bit longer. I am still planning to get it if my money can stretch to it (I have got a huge Expo coming up at the end of the month).

I also thought this cosmetic print was very pretty. I would lose the waist bow. I am torn between red and brown. I will probably hold out before buying this but as far as Bodyline goes, this is a good design.

Sadly, it is not all good stuff in the new items section...

Too many details and a very cheap looking matching choker. My regular readers know how much I hate those mini pom poms! Bodyline will always churn out pieces like this but at least they are releasing pretty stuff too. I am just happy that the rose print got a skirt too.


  1. I love the strawberry skirt too!! it's so pretty. the lacey part on the rose skirt is a nice touch too. Are you going to the MCM expo? I'm thinking of dressing in lolita but I don't see many loli's there.

  2. I just saw these prints and immediately thought of you and your previous distress on the wa-loli dress! Looks like you found out about this good news before me XD
    Bodyline has really stepped up its game. Maybe one day they'll start lining their clothes! I really do hope they become a real brand, because these prints look like brand already :)

  3. Namalie- I am going to the MCM Expo! I am only going to be there on the Saturday though. Whenever I have gone in the past I vowed to wear loli but backed out at the last minute. This time I am determined to dress up!

    Spiffykidd- I totally agree. Bodyline have been so great recently. I hope they keep this up. Lining is a good idea!

  4. Aww!! Thanks so much for mentioning me! I'm so glad to hear it made you happy. =D
    Out of the new releases, I think I'm looking forward to what comes out of the rose print the most! It's just lovely to me. While I'm also pleased just hearing they're going to make a skirt of it, I bet a dress version could look really stunning! =D It's also the only print that I can't place the original of, if there is one. If it's a completely original design, then I'm super happy! Maybe it's just me, but I would rather Bodyline make original prints and designs rather than knock-offs. =)

  5. I agree. I think Bodyline are capable of making some stunning prints all by themselves!


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