Thursday, 8 May 2014

Take a Theme- Nautical

Today I am doing another Take a Theme post. This time I thought I would have a look at nautical themed items. I suppose most of these items would probably work best for Sailor Lolita, although I feel there are other possible nautical themed ideas out there. I especially like the tights from this post and would love to make a Pirate Lolita outfit with them!

Pieces of note- Any Metamorphose sailor series (they release one every year), Marine Rose (Alice and the Pirates), Fairy Marine (Angelic pretty), Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island (AatP)

Potential sub themes- sailor, pirate, boats and boating equipment, marine animals, Cthulhu

Interestingly, I appear to have mainly stuck to sailor lolita items! I am interested in giving both sailor lolita and pirate lolita a go in the future. There are loads of cute items out there to choose from!

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