Thursday, 22 May 2014

Picnic Meet Fun With the Oxfordshire Lolitas!

Last weekend, the Oxfordshire Lolitas had their latest meet up. We went for a picnic in the University Parks and thankfully, the weather was really great! Sammi and I co-hosted the event and I was happy to see a good turn-out.

I wore my Bodyline OP with the cosmetic print on it. I was debating how casual I should go because picnic meets tend to get a bit messy sometimes. In the end I went a bit dressed-up, but wore items I could remove if it got too hot or uncomfortable. My bolero certainly didn't last very long! Later on I even changed in to ankle socks. I wanted to match the pinks on the dress and it took a bit of time, because the dress has a very awkward shade of pink on it. I don't think I did too badly though. I even got the chance to wear my Red maria beret with the ribbon roses on it!

Everybody was asked to contribute at least one dish to the picnic and there was definitely plenty of food. For some reason, I always end up sat next to all the unhealthy stuff! This picture doesn't even show half of the goodies we had.

We had a little duck friend who stayed nearby during the picnic. She was so cute! I love her golden feathers and she kept fluffing them up. We fed her some food, which she seemed to appreciate.

We had a couple of games to play. First up was Burando Bingo! It worked like normal bingo, except instead of lines, players had to collect a dress by each of the 5 brands featured. I actually ended up winning my own prizes because I got 5 brands first. I also won the full house prize but I gave up my prize so one of the others could win it. In the end Sammi came second, so we split the prize and then finally Madeleine won the final prize.

We also had a pinata but unfortunately the glue hadn't dried fully. So all the prizes were wrapped up to protect them. It did however mean that the pinata was incredibly difficult to smash. James managed to get a couple of tree-vision photos of us bashing the pinata. A lot of people were pulling silly faces in the photos, so I decided to post one of Niamh which doesn't look too bad!

The end result was total carnage! Some of the prizes got broken because we had smashed the pinata so much and didn't break the pinata, just what was inside. We did have a couple of sweets and a lot of the lip balm prizes survived. There were also floral clips and scrunchies which survived too. Shame, because I had really been looking forward to eating some sweets! There was a strong scent of broken Parma Violet sweets in the air and a lot of stuff was covered in sweet dust. The moral of the story is- always make sure your glue is always fully dry when making a pinata!

I've never actually been to the University Parks before. It is slightly more of a trek than Christ Church but I think the extra walking was worth it. University Parks is a lot quieter, although that didn't stop the usual tourists taking our photo as they walked by. I will definitely be coming back here sometime. The park is so pretty and very big. After the picnic we went for a walk around, and it was very calming.

Nicola also made us a cake, which was very yummy. It was so chocolatey and moist. I wish I had taken a slice home with me! 

And as if that wasn't enough sugar, the group decided to go to G&D's for ice cream afterwards! I caught Sammi mid-eating I think! (sorry!) I had my favourite Oxford Blue, which is blueberry flavoured ice cream with little blueberry bits in it. They don't always have it in stock, so I knew I had to take my chance!

I am not posting a group photo today because I was unsure if the newer members would want to be posted on here. But what I will say is that everybody looked lovely. Madeleine and Hannah were so cute and I hope they come to future meets. Nicola's altered skirt was really well done and Shalisa, Sammi and Niamh looked wonderful. It was great to see so many lovely, Summery outfits!

I hope to see everybody again soon! I am so glad that everybody seemed to have a good time. Despite the pinata fail, I think a lot of fun was had. Here is hoping the next meet comes around quickly!

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