Thursday, 29 May 2014

Soft Sister?

Just recently, I have been seeing the term Soft Sister popping up online and I am curious to know what exactly Soft Sister is. A bit of digging gave me a few clues. It appears to be a bit like the clothing you would typically see Japanese model Amo wearing. Others have said it is a bit like Fairy-kei but with more Cult Party colours. It has even been used to describe general cutesy pastel fashion. The term seems to originate from China and you can search Taobao for Soft Sister using terms like- 软妹

If I were to guess, I would say the best place to get a Soft Sister inspired look would be places such as KOKOKim, Candy Stripper and Syrup. These shops would certainly be a good place to start.

And here are a few Taobao stores that seem to pop up a lot whilst I was searching Taobao. I personally really like Bobon21-

Whilst I am unsure whether I would wear these clothes myself, there are definitely some very cute items that pop up when using the Soft Sister search term. It is worth a quick browse to see what you can find. Soft Sister may be more of a search term rather than an actual fashion, but it brings up some interesting results!


  1. Sioft Sister is the chinese term for nymphet (lolita) fashion, you will often see Amo wearing the badge of the Lolita (book) fanclub.

    1. That is interesting to know. Thank you for the information!


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