Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bodyline Boots 225 Review

Today I am reviewing the new boots I have ordered from Bodyline. These boots are SHOE 225, or as I know them, the rose boots. I have wanted to own these boots ever since they first appeared on the Bodyline website so I am glad I finally own them. They had been restocked but had unfortunately had run out of my size, so I went half a CM up.

The boots arrived in one of Bodyline's plastic shipping bags and I was really concerned my boots had been packaged with no protection at all. 

However, when I opened up the parcel I did find the boots were wrapped in bubble wrap. Considering in the past I have received Bodyline shoes merely wrapped in tissue paper, I was quite relieved to see my boots did actually have a bit of protection during shipping.

Inside the boots were stuffed to help keep the shape.

The roses are held in place by simple clips. I am a little worried the roses are not very stable. When I opened the boots some of the roses had fallen off so I wonder how they will hold up when being worn. I have heard that some people received their boots with squished roses, but mine seemed to be in good shape.

There were some marks on the boots where the rose clips are attached. I suppose this is probably wear and tear from where the clips dig in. It does mean that I am hesitant to wear the boots without the clips though, because although the marks are small, I know they are there still.

The zips were very easy to undo and didn't get caught at all. I have experienced boots with tough zips before, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

The boot material is pretty much the same quality as my other Bodyline shoes. I imagine that for the price I paid, they will hold up well and I will get a decent amount of wear out of them. My main complaint about the boots is the calf circumference. I do not have large calves, but they are very toned and muscular. I did find that the boots zipped up a bit tight around my calves. These boots would certainly not be suitable for a plus sized wearer. Even some larger regular sized wearers may find that these are a bit of a tight fit. The other concern I have is the way the boot material creases when worn. I wore these boots for a short time and they started to crease around the ankle area. I am worried that over time these creases will leave permanent wrinkles. In the end, the extra half CM by going up a size didn't make a massive amount of difference because of the way my feet sit in the boots. When I felt the toes of the boots you could tell my toes didn't reach the end of the boots but I felt this wasn't a real issue. Aside from being slightly tight on the calf, the boots were otherwise comfortable. I wanted to get the boots in black too and I am tempted to go half a CM size up for those as well because at least I know this size feels comfortable.

So overall, I feel that although I am happy with my boots, they probably deserve a neutral rating. The boots are definitely for those with a small calf measurement, but I was still able to wear the boots and felt comfortable. I am more concerned that over time the boots will wrinkle and crease. I think the rose clips could do with being a bit more secure too, but maybe after a few wears I will have a better idea of how well they hold up. I am still looking to buy these boots in black too, and my experience with these boots has not put me off going ahead with that purchase.


  1. Thanks so much for the review! I really don't think there are enough Bodyline shoe reviews out there so this was great! I wonder though, could you possibly list your actual calf circumference and that of the boot? When I read reviews that just vaguely reference "larger" or "smaller" , it's a little frustrating since I don't really know where I fall on the spectrum since people have different definitions or large and small.

    1. Oops, sorry! My calf measurement is 14 inches at its very widest. I'm not sure how to best measure the boot circumference but I do know these boots wouldn't fit anybody larger than me if that helps.

  2. Omg I have those same boots in brown! I love them :) I'm glad you like them too!

    1. I'm looking forward to getting them in black too :D


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