Thursday, 1 May 2014

Casual Fun With Friends

 Life has been very quiet post-Enchanted and it has been feeling very odd not having anything to plan for, so when it was suggested that a few of us meet up in Oxford, I jumped at the chance. It wasn't really a proper lolita meet, more about friends hanging out together and having a catch-up. That wasn't going to stop me from putting my frills on though!

I dressed relatively casually because the day was more about seeing friends. I wore my Twinkle Dreaming Princess JSK with a casual looking beret in the same colour. The rest of the outfit just sort of fitted around those pieces. I kept forgetting that I owned this dress so I am glad I have finally worn it! 

Oxford was as busy as ever. This time they were holding another morris dancing festival. I can't remember what exactly it is for, but it happens every year. Sadly, I was unable to get a picture of the nu-rave morris dancers that were wearing black with loads of bright neon ribbons (they were every bit as bonkers as it sounds!).

After getting some fast food, we did the usual thing of going around the centre, looking in the shops. We spent a bit longer browsing than usual and it felt nice knowing there was no need to rush about. In Primark Shalisa spotted this bag and when we opened it up we discovered that it wasn't actually a Primark bag. Somebody had left it there and it was full of stuff. We were having a real moral dilemma about this bag because it was so cute! But after having a mock fight over it, we decided to do the right thing and handed it in. Luckily, we have since found the bag online and I am considering buying it in pink.

After going shopping, we went to G&D's for ice cream. They do the best ice cream in Oxford. However, they are always running out of pecan pie and their Oxford Blue ice cream! Those are both favourites of mine. In the end, I settled for an Elderflower sorbet and to be fair it was delicious. The sorbet was really refreshing. I just hope that next time I get there early enough for their pecan pie, as I have been craving it!

We spent the evening in the Mitre, where most of our meets end up! We had a few drinks and shared some chips. We were surrounded by birthday and hen parties but after a while it quietened down. It was a really good chance to have a very long chat and gossip together.

I have to say, the day really did pull me out of my post-Enchanted blues. It was good to meet up, dress up and not have to worry about all the usual stuff that comes with more organised, structured meets. I had a really good time! I hope to do this again soon.


  1. This was such a nice day! We really need to do it more often :)
    Is it too late to organise our Eurovision party? lol
    I'm looking forward to a future holiday with all of us. Should be a lot of fun :3

    1. Oh my god, I completely forgot about the Eurovision party D: I'm not sure, I will have to see if I can still fit it in!
      We definitely need to have a loli holiday. It should be a lot of fun :D


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