Thursday, 27 February 2014

BTSSB Chiffon Princess Blouse Review- Positive

Today I am doing another blouse review! This time I am reviewing the Chiffon Princess blouse I brought from the Baby the Stars Shine Bright website. This was my first time ordering from the Baby website and with all the horror stories out there, I was feeling a bit anxious! But actually, things turned out much better than expected.

Ordering Process

I had to use the shopping cart system to place my order. I didn't want to make any mistakes, so I looked up online guides. Unfortunately, the guide I found had broken images so in the end I had to use the guide available on Baby's website. The ordering instructions can be found on Baby's overseas page on their site (look for overseas on the left menu). I actually found the instructions reasonably easy to follow with just the odd bit that I was unsure of (like not knowing how to enter my phone number in the 3 boxes given). In the end I figured out how to do it and ticked all the parts that Baby instruct overseas buyers to click. I placed my order and got an email back straight away to say my order had been accepted. Then I had to wait for the email with the shipping cost and payment details, which came very quickly. Annoyingly, this email went to my spam instead of my inbox, so I didn't it spot until a day later (lesson learnt- always check your spam!). I paid and replied to the email to inform them I had done so, and then the following day I got an email with my tracking number. Baby seems to reply to emails very quickly and the staff seemed very friendly.


My order was shipped via EMS, so I was confident my parcel would arrive safely and quickly. The order was shipped out on the 7th of February and I had a letter through from customs on the 15th to say it was at my local depot, awaiting customs charges. So it didn't take very long to arrive at my local depot at all. Unfortunately, things were held up slightly because Parcelforce's payment system went down and we were unable to pay the customs charge right away. But once we had rung the local depot and got through to an actual person, I was able to pay the fee and the blouse was delivered promptly on Tuesday the 18th.

My blouse was shipped in a sturdy looking box. It was taped up so well that I initially had trouble getting in to it! So I was very satisfied with the packaging. There was a bit of room for my blouse to move about inside, but part of that extra room was stuffed with a Baby shopping bag, and the contents stayed in place.

My blouse was wrapped in tissue paper, and inside that it was wrapped up in plastic. I was also given a hanger as well, which was a nice touch. When I have ordered from other places like AP, the items haven't come with hangers.

And here we have the blouse laid out on my bed. The chiffon material is so soft and feels really nice against my skin. The materials appear to be of a very good quality. This is definitely the nicest chiffon blouse I own.

The sleeves have a suitable amount of flare to them and are finished off beautifully with the lace. The stitching is neat and I couldn't find a single loose thread anywhere. The only small niggle I have with this blouse is that the ribbon bows feel very paper-like and cheap. I was expecting them to be a bit softer.

The neckline is decorated beautifully. The neck straps really help to keep the blouse in place.

The buttons are a bit simple, but I am not too bothered about that.

The back part is shirred and offers a bit of size flexibility. I found the fit of the blouse to be good and the website's measurements seem reasonably accurate. The bodice length is maybe a tiny bit short, but not obviously so. Due to the slight sheerness of the blouse, I intend to wear this blouse under JSKs anyway, so I am really not bothered by how the shirring looks because it will be hidden anyway. But I don't think the shirring looks too bad on this blouse anyway.

I tried to take a photo showing how the sleeves flare out, but none of my photos really seem to do it justice. The sleeves are much more beautiful in person. I love the way they drape. It has a very romantic, soft appearance.

So overall, this was a very good experience. Once I had placed my order, I found myself wondering why I got so worked up about potentially being put on the infamous Baby blacklist! It was a lot easier than I was anticipating and the process seemed quite quick (and would have been even quicker if it wasn't for Parcelforce). As for the blouse, it is everything I had hoped for. It is gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it. I would definitely order from Baby again and I reckon that next time I will be able to order with a lot more confidence.


  1. That has to be the most princessy blouse ever! It looks beautiful :)

    1. ha ha I felt like I princess when I tried it on (even though I was wearing jeans at the time!)

  2. Thanks for this great review! This blouse is absolutely adorable! :D How did you choose to pay Baby? Was it through bank transfer? I'm dreading my first Btssb Japan order haha Big hugz!

    1. Thank you! I used Paypal to pay :)


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