Monday, 17 February 2014

Girlie Stuff by Metamorphose

Today I am looking at a recent series from Metamorphose. It is called Girlie Stuff and includes 3 dresses (one comes in mini and medium length), 2 skirts (again, one skirt comes in 2 lengths), pants, a vest, a bustier, 2 blouses, 3 hair accessories and socks. Meta have also released a few pieces of jewellery that would compliment this series very well.

This is the Chiffon Drape Pinafore Dress. The bodice looks fairly well fitted. The shape is a bit odd though. I like the chiffon sleeves a lot but think they could have been a bit fuller. The waist area is topped with a chiffon overlay which sits beautifully on top of the skirt. The overlay is a bit on the small side and I think Meta could have gotten away with making it a bit bigger, without concealing the print too much. I do like how the overlay part has a ruffled edge though, as it gives it a very frothy feminine look. The bodice is broken up in to panels beautifully with gold braid. I am not a fan of the chiffon "bow" detail on the front though. I would have rather have had proper bows instead of chiffon shaped to mimic bows. Or even better, I wouldn't have bothered with the "bows" at all, because I think the dress would look great without them there at all. I also despise the chiffon bib and the weird neck parts. It just all looks a bit odd to me. I wouldn't bother with the neck parts of all, and thankfully they are detachable. As for the chiffon bib, I think it would look a lot better without the random line of pearls in the middle. The harsh white pearls really stand out and they just look messy. But when you detach the chiffon bib and neck parts I think the dress looks a great deal better. My only gripe would be that I think the scoop neckline is a bit too big and could do with a tiny bit more solid material at the sides. The back has a panel of shirring, which has been left open with nothing covering it. Hopefully the print pattern will help to disguise it a little bit. I just feel it would be better to have a ribbon corset over it to give the wearer more size control. As the stock photos show, the skirt is very full with a lot of volume. The shape is very OTT and very rounded. The skirt is kept clutter free, with just a simple line of gold braid above the print. However, due to how much the material is gathered, I feel the print is not displayed as well as it could have been. The bottom hem is finished off with the lovely chiffon ruffle, which matches up well with the rest of the dress.

This is the Collared Pinafore JSK. The bodice is well fitted and the bodice shape is pretty. The waist has a subtle belted detail to it. Although it is very simple, I quite like it. The chiffon collar is beautiful. The design is neat and finished well with the gold braid and the ruffled hem. The collar seems to sit well on the dress too. The chiffon continues down the bodice, around a group of buttons too, which helps to liven up what could have been a very simple looking dress. As for the buttons, they are positioned nicely and spread out evenly. The gold floral button design is pretty and compliments the dress. The collar part is detachable but I think the dress looks a bit too plain with it removed. The back is fully shirred, so it is again not covered by a ribbon corset. I was a little disappointed to see the back material starts lower down the back and would have liked a fuller back, but this is just a minor complaint. The stock photos show the skirt is very full and flares out well. It has a pretty bell shape to it. As far as the skirt shapes go, I think this dress is the best from this series. The skirt is kept simple and the print is displayed very well. The bottom hem is then finished off with glittery fringe. I am personally not a fan of this fringe, but I think I could put up with it because I like the rest of this dress design.

This is the Bustle Pinafore JSK. This dress is available in 2 lengths and the dress in this picture is the medium length. The bodice looks a good fit and the shape is simple but looks fine. However, I am a little put off by the strange details on the neckline with the random thin strips crossing over. I suppose it is a bit original at least! The straps look a bit thin, although I like how they are decorated with layered tulle. The waist on the dress has a small tulle overlay. The shape is pretty and it looks like it has been done neatly. I am a bit undecided on the glittery tulle though. Whenever I see sparkly tulle like this it makes me think of those little girl princess dresses. The bodice front is quite simple, but the buttons help to stop is looking too plain. The buttons are a pretty design and are positioned well. 

The back has a generous shirring panel, although once again it doesn't have a ribbon corset over it to keep things neat. But what really confuses me about the back is the random bustle. The shape and position of the bustle seem peculiar. It also looks like it has a lot of volume to it, which may not suit somebody who has a larger backside. And the waist ties on top just add to that volume as well. When you remove the waist ties, there is still a small, thin pair of waist ties to help adjust the size. But despite this other option, I am still not a fan of the bustle. Thankfully it is detachable.

The skirt has plenty of volume and flares out well. The medium length version is a pretty bell shape. I think I prefer the mini length, as the rounder shape looks a bit more appealing to me. Apart from the bustle, the skirt is reasonably simple. The print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off with 2 layered tulle ruffles, which match up with the straps quite well.

And here we can see the print. This series is available in black, red and blue. I am a bit unsure how I feel the colours used for this series. I am not personally a fan of the brown teamed with the red. The black is okay, but seems a bit dull. The blue however, is quite vibrant and really works with the gold. As for the print itself, I think everything looks beautiful teamed together. I know there was a bit of drama about Meta supposedly copying the shoe in the print from a movie poster and Meta would not be the first brand to do this. Either way, I think the items in the print are pretty with lots of detail. I really like the rose bouquet and the present with the heavily detailed ribbon. The gold parts of the print really 'pop' and adds a touch of luxury. I love the background of the print too.

I think this series is definitely an improvement on Meta's recent releases. I don't think this series is going to be a really huge hit, but it is definitely a move in the right direction. However, some parts of the dress designs are still a bit questionable. Would I buy this series? Possibly, but it wont be going on my wishlist. I would choose the Collared JSK in blue. But after not loving a single Meta print in 2013, I am hopeful that I will find something to love again in 2014 if Meta continue in this direction.

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