Thursday, 9 May 2013

Seven Colors Prism Alice Chan by BABY

Today I am looking at a recent release from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. It is called Seven Colors Prism Alice Chan. This series includes a lot of non-printed items and I will just be looking at the 3 printed dresses today. But there are also socks, several bits of jewellery, 2 blouses and bunny ears, along with other items. Funny how last time I was saying that the recent BABY Wizard of Oz print was a nice change from an Alice print and then they go and release another Alice print!

This is the printed OP. The bodice looks reasonably well fitted. I am not a fan of the sleeve shape though, as I feel they could have had a bit more puff in them. They look a bit droopy as they are. It is good that the sleeves have the same lace that they have used elsewhere on the dress, but I think it is a bit too wide for my personal tastes. I like how the waist has a thin belt design as it pulls in the waist nicely, but I think the choice of ribbon is terrible. The choice of ribbon colour is a bit odd, especially on the lemon and black colour ways. I also don't think polka dotted ribbon is the best choice for this particular series and I don't really see how it fits in. But ignoring the ribbon colour for a second, the use of ribbon is cute. The ribbon bows down the front are a nice shape and the spacing is good. I probably wouldn't have bothered with the bows on the sleeves though. The collar is an interesting shape and I love the card suit embroidery on it but something about it seems a bit.. off. I think the collar size could have been a bit smaller and maybe having a wide continuous collar is not the best shape. The back doesn't have any shirring and so is quite plain looking. The skirt has a cute flared shape to it but I hate the way the skirt is sort of cut up by the line of lace and ribbon near the bottom. Underneath the lace and ribbon, the skirt continues for a bit and then finishes with a scalloped edge and lace. Something about it just looks a bit awkward and I think I would have gone with either the lace or the scallops, but not both together. As it is, I think the bottom of the skirt is too fussy. I personally prefer the scallops as they are shaped well and the lace underneath softens the bottom hem nicely.

This is the printed sun dress. The bodice material looks a bit baggy to me and the overall shape is quite bulky. The sailor style collar is a lovely idea but for some reason, something about it feels a bit odd. The use of ribbon and bows on the collar is cute though. I think that maybe the collar would look better if it is not teamed with the ridiculously huge waist bow. The bow is massive and the lace around the edges only adds to its bulk. Thankfully, it is detachable and I would be tempted to replace it with a nice belt if I had this dress. The collar is also detachable, but I feel the dress looks horribly plain when it is detached, as the dress design underneath is very basic. The back has a small panel of shirring which is concealed neatly with a ribbon corset. I think from the back view, the sailor collar ends a bit strange, as it looks very straight and angular. I think a softer finish to the collar would have been better. I am not a huge fan of the skirt shape. Overall, it has a pretty rounded shape but the use lace gives it a slightly bumpy appearance. I think the spacing with the line of lace and bows is a bit off and could maybe do with being a tiny bit further down the skirt. I also think this lace line is quite distracting and takes attention away from the print. The bottom of the skirt is finished off nicely though, with a line of ribbon and a ruffle finished with thin lace.

This is the printed JSK. The bodice looks reasonably well fitted and is a nice shape. The use of lace is quite interesting, as it gradually gets thinner as it goes down to the waist. At first I thought this was quite a strange idea, but I suppose it does mean that there is no unnecessary bulk added to the waist. The straps are a good width and the lace continues along them, making them look a bit softer and more interesting. There are also 2 horizontal lines of lace with ribbon threaded through, which are topped with ribbon bows. I still think the choice of ribbon colour is generally quite hideous but the design is quite cute. The back has a panel of shirring which is concealed very neatly with a ribbon corset. The skirt is an interesting shape and flares out beautifully. It will hold a decent amount of petticoat. The line of lace from the bodice continue down the front of the skirt until it meets a horizontal line of ladder lace with ribbon threaded through it. Where these lines meet, the join is concealed by more ribbon bows. At first I thought this dress had a lot of bows, but I am warming to the idea. The sides and along the back have layered ruffles, which I think are very pretty. The ruffles are a good width and spaced nicely. It adds volume and texture to the skirt, so it looks a lot less flat. You can still see the print fairly well too. The bottom hem is then finished off with good quality lace. I personally don't think it is the best choice of lace here, but it looks okay.

And here we have the print close-up. This print is available in lemon yellow, sax blue, pink and black. I personally think the black version works best because the soft pastel colours look a bit washed out on the other colour versions. However, due to some icky ribbon colour choices, I have to pick the pink as my favourite colour. As for the print itself, I think this is one of the best Alice prints out there and it is a shame that the dress designs are not better. It is drawn beautifully. The white rabbit is so cute! I love the way all the characters have been drawn, especially Alice, who looks very sweet. I think the use of bubbles is a bit random, but I like it. It is certainly an interesting way to fill the empty gaps.

So overall I think this is a wonderful print which is let down by the dress designs. Yes, there have been a lot of Alice prints released over the years, but I think this print is definitely one of the better ones out there. Despite being an Alice fan I probably wouldn't buy from this series. But if I had to go for something I would choose the JSK, as that dress design is not that bad. I definitely prefer the skirt though. The ribbon is one of my main reasons for not liking this series and I think BABY need to rethink how they team colours together. For me personally, I am disappointed.

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  1. I really feel like the designs let this print down. I love the subtlety of the colours in the characters and I think the print is so sweet.
    (Who doesn't like bubbles!?)
    I am looking for a nice sax Alice print to match a head bow that I bought from Disney land. Out of all three I think I'd go for the JSK, everything else is too cluttered.


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