Thursday, 2 May 2013

Flower Bottle by Metamorphose

Today I am looking at Flower Bottle by Metamorphose which already has all its pieces available to buy on the website. This series includes 3 dresses, 2 skirts, a blouse, 3 hair accessories, socks and a parasol.

This is the Circular Pinafore JSK. The bodice looks well fitted and is an interesting shape. The waist bow has been kept to a reasonable size and does not look too big, which is probably a good thing considering how busy the bodice looks. The bow has a nice, simple shape and sits quite nicely on the dress. The front has a ribbon corset detail, which takes up a large portion of the front. The ribbon does not look too shiny and is spaced out well. The outer edges of the corset are lined with lace to keep the edges looking smart. However, I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but in a few of the stock photos I thought the ribbon corset looked slightly messy. I don't think it looks awful, it just could have been done a bit neater. There is also a detachable brooch (shown on the neckline in the photo). The brooch design is fairly simple, but I think it looks pretty. I love the use of tulle around the edges around the brooch and the lace dangling from it matches up with the lace on the rest of the dress. The dress has a normal set of straps and then also has neck ties. The normal straps are a bit thin, but when teamed with the neck ties you wouldn't want them being any thicker. I love the use of tulle on these straps as it gives them a soft, floaty appearance. I am not too fussed by the neck straps and I think they could do with being a bit thinner as they look bulky. But thankfully they are detachable if you don't like them. The back has a panel of shirring which is not covered by anything and is quite open and exposed. I normally don't like the look of shirring like this but here I don't think it looks too bad and it may have been overkill to have another ribbon corset on the back, what with there being one on the front. The skirt has a lovely full bell shape to it. It is wonderfully rounded and flares out brilliantly. The skirt is kept clutter free and the print is displayed very well. The bottom hem is then finished off with a lovely line of soft tulle.

This is the Shirring Pinafore JSK. The bodice looks a surprisingly okay shape for something fully shirred, although it still looks a tiny bit bumpy. The straps are a decent width and are lined with pretty rose lace. The lace gives the straps a softer appearance and also make the straps look more interesting. The waist bow is a bit big but doesn't look too out of place. It has a nice shape to it but looks like it may be slightly droopy. It is thankfully detachable, so hopefully the wearer will be able to put it on a bit straighter than some of the Meta stock photos! I am really not a fan of the fully shirred bodice as I tend to think fully shirred bodices look a bit messy and lumpy. Strangely, the front has a straight line in the middle topped with buttons. I think it is a bit odd having a fully shirred bodice and then having this random buttoned part in the middle.The line is topped with small bows, which I don't think are needed because the bows at the bases of the straps are enough. The 2 bows at the strap bases are cute and a nice size, but they do blend in a bit. But I do think these bows are a nice finishing touch. Unsurprisingly, the back is fully shirred too and I don't think the shirring looks any better than it does on the front. The skirt has a beautiful flared shape to it. It is not as rounded as the other JSK, but I still think the skirt is pretty here. It will hold a decent amount of petticoat too. The tiered design of the skirt has been done well. The tiers are spaced out well and there is no lumpy bits where the tiers join. It looks very neat and the end result is pretty. The top of the first tier is finished neatly with a line of lace. The print is still displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is kept plain, but sometimes simplicity can be good and I think the skirt of this JSK is beautiful.

This is the A-line dress. It is very hard to see where the bodice ends and the skirt starts. I understand this is an A-line shape, but I think I personally prefer a more defined waist line. I think the sleeves could do with being a bit shorter. They could also do with being a bit puffier as they look very flat. I am not too keen on the white part of the sleeves either and the dress would look fine without it. The lace used here is cute though. The front has a square yoke with a wide collar layered neatly on top. I think this detail is very cute. The lace around the edge of the yoke matches the sleeves well and the yoke is pleated and topped with lace, which stops it looking too flat and plain. The collar is an adorable shape, although I wish it was a tiny bit narrower so it didn't meet the sleeves. The lace on the edge of the collar is cute and the simple ribbon tie finishes the collar well. I do think the collar shape on the back is a bit too big and bulky though. The back has no shirring. I suppose the skirt shape is quite cute, although I think Meta could have gotten away with it flaring outwards a tiny bit more. As I said before, I also wish the waist was a bit more defined, as it adds extra bulk. The rest of the dress is kept simple and so, the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off with a cute frill. I think it was a good idea to keep this dress simple, as the collar and yoke is enough detail on its own. 

This is the High Waist Pinafore JSK. The bodice is a pretty shape and looks reasonably well fitted. The straps are maybe just a slight bit too thin for my liking, but I do love the way they are decorated with tulle and lace. It gives the straps a very frothy appearance and suits the use of tulle elsewhere. However, I am not a fan of the waist line and use of lace. I think it would have been nice to have a solid coloured belt here to nip the waist in, maybe in tulle so it matches? The bodice has two buttons on the front which are a bit dull looking and are clear anyway, so don't really show up that much. I don't really see the point of the buttons being there. I love the use of tulle and lace along the neckline as it matches up perfectly with the straps. It is simple, but pretty. The bows at the bases of the straps are cute too. They are a good shape and size and the ribbon used does not look too shiny. The back is fully shirred, so it is left very exposed. The skirt has a nice fullness to it, but I think I would have preferred a slightly more traditional, rounded shape. It looks slightly triangular in a few of the photos. The skirt has a tiered design. I think 2 tiers would have been enough but the 3 tiers are spaced out nicely. I think the bottom tier looks a bit too gathered compared to the other 2 higher layers though. It gives the silhouette a slightly bumpy appearance towards the bottom. However, I really love the use of tulle on the tier edges. It is so soft and floaty and gives the dress a really feminine feel. Overall, the dress has a light and breezy feel to it which I find quite appealing.

And here is what the print looks like. This print is available in pink, cream, mint and blue. These are all very soft colours and they all compliment the print brilliantly. The lavender is my favourite though. The glass bottles have been drawn very beautifully and I like all the different shapes as it makes the print more interesting. The bottles are filled with lots of beautiful flowers. The colours used work really well together. I think it is adorable how one of the bottles has a rabbit hidden inside it! The small bows and flowers help to fill in the empty gaps of the print well, without taking focus away from the main part of the print. Overall, it is quite a simple print but at the same time it is quite effective.

Overall, I think this is a very pretty series and quite underrated. I think it has a lot of potential. The colours are pretty and brilliant for Spring. If I had to pick a dress I would go for the High Waist Pinafore JSK in lavender. Would I buy from this series? Yes, I probably would. I don't think this is wishlist worthy but I do like what I see. I would probably wait and get it 2nd hand instead of paying retail though.

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