Monday, 20 May 2013

Cambridge Satchel Company Review- Positive!

Today I will be reviewing my first ever order from the Cambridge Satchel Company. I have been fangirling over their satchels a lot lately and when I saw the new Chelsea Collection I knew I had to get one. Their website is here-

Ordering Process

I found their website very easy to browse. They have a very useful help section which helps you pick out what size you need (most of their satchels come in at least 2 sizes) and general advice. I was able to order my satchel with ease and was very confident that I knew what to expect from my satchel. They also offer embossing, but I chose not to do this. I ordered my satchel on the 8th of May and got a confirmation email. Surprisingly, I got an email with a tracking number just 2 days later. They give guidelines on how long you should expect your bag to take and 2 days is significantly less time than I was expecting. My guess is that they had already made up a satchel for their store or something and sent me that. My satchel arrived on the 13th- just 5 days after I ordered it. Not bad considering these satchels are handmade!


Their satchels are sent out using FedEX and luckily, Cambridge Satchel were doing a free shipping offer when I ordered. Normally it costs £5.99 in the UK. That may seem a lot, but it is shipped securely in a box and I find FedEX offer an excellent service.

The box was very secure and taped up well. The box size was a good match for the satchel so the insides did not really have any space to move about and get bashed during shipping.

Inside the box, the satchel is placed inside a tote bag for a bit of extra protection. There was also a bit of plastic to help pad the box a bit. My satchel arrived to me in perfect condition with no signs of damage. I also got a voucher for my next order!

And here is my satchel! I got the Chelsea Collection satchel in Lavender. The materials used are of good quality. It is made of real leather. The tags include care instructions, which is useful.

The stitching has been done so neatly. The design is sharp and crisp. I can tell that a lot of love and hard work has gone in to making this bag. This is exactly what I was expecting Cambridge satchels to be like.

I ordered a 13 inch bag. It is not a massive bag but it will hold my essentials. It looks tiny in this photo, but I promise the space is there! I used the website's measurement guide to work out how big the bag would be before ordering and I was satisfied. If I could change one thing about the entire bag though, I would want a slightly bigger depth.

And finally, a picture of the bag with the handle out. I absolutely love the colour. The website warns that the bag colour may be slightly different in person, but this is exactly the colour I was expecting it to be. I am very impressed.

So overall, I think it was well worth me ordering this satchel. The ordering process is easy and informative. The satchel I got was exactly what I was expecting and I really love it. I can't wait to use it! I would highly recommend Cambridge Satchel to anybody who is looking to buy a satchel.


  1. It's beautiful! really want one myself :D

    1. Yeah, they cost a bit but they are definitely worth it!

  2. Hello! ^^ I read from other reviews that they have had some color stain problems with this brand :s For example light colored jacket got color stains from the satchel. Have you experienced this yet with this lavender one?

    I was thinking of getting this one.. but I got really scared cause I wear mainly light colored clothes :s

    1. I've not really tested it out much to be honest. Up until recently, the weather has not been that hot here and I am guessing it is the heat that causes this problem (causing the bag to 'sweat' and leave colour stains).

      Sorry I couldn't be more help. If I do experience this problem I will have to keep everybody updated.

  3. can i ask, is the true colour more like the last photo, or is it paler like the first ones???

    1. On my monitor the picture that shows the close-up of the stitching seems to be the closest to the actual colour. Although I would say it was slightly darker than that in person.

  4. The Leather Satchel company offers a deeper gusset ;)


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