Monday, 13 May 2013

Outfit Post- Casual Sunshine

Today I am doing a very quick outfit catch up. The sun finally came to pay the UK a visit... and now it has gone away again! But I was able to get a few outfits in.

For the Bank Holiday Weekend I went for a very casual outfit using my Angelic Pretty Sugar Hearts items. Chiffon seemed the best choice, seeing as this was the hottest day of the year so far. I also wore my DreamV cutsew and Primark plimsols for a more relaxed feel. It was a very comfortable outfit to wear and I adore Sugar Hearts! 

A few days later I opted for my strawberry Bodyline skirt. I teamed it with cream socks and a cutsew. It was slightly colder, so I wore my red cardigan (believe it or not, it started heavily pouring with rain not long after this photo was taken). The combination of red and sax blue is starting to grow on me a bit. I used to think that it wouldn't work and then I got this skirt! The heart shaped bag is from Topshop and I used AP and off-brand accessories. Sunny days seem like the prefect time to dig out my strawberry prints, which happen to be one of my favourite motifs.

So that was my mini outfit catch up. I kind of hope to post more of my outfits online in the future, as I don't always photograph all my outfits and only seem to post my meet outfits on this blog. Although it would be great if the weather could turn nice again...

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