Friday, 14 September 2012

Bodyline Vs. Classical Puppets- Rose and Lace Fabric

I went on the Bodyline website, just to see if they had any nice new items in when I stumbled across a new skirt. I have not been that impressed with any recent Bodyline stuff, but I do like this new item.

This is skirt L514. What caught my attention straight away was the print. The roses and lace were so detailed and realistic looking. I was especially draw in by the colour scheme on the black skirt. The dusky pinks are teamed with the sweeter lavender colour on the ribbon. It doesn't sound that good when you just see those colours written down, but when I looked at the picture, I thought it was a really interesting colour combination. Dare I say it? The print almost looks like it could be mistaken for brand. Considering this is Bodyline as well, it is also fairly cheap.

A little later on, I was looking up petticoats and naturally, I visited the Classical Puppets Taobao store. Then I saw something very familiar.

The exact same fabric! Now this poses a bit of a dilemma. Do I go for cheap Bodyline or go for slightly more expensive (but potentially better quality) Classical Puppets?

I can find faults with both. I am not that keen on the waist part of the Bodyline skirt. It is not too bad, but I think it could be better. I think Bodyline's choice of lace at the bottom could have been better. The Classical Puppets dress has the beautiful panel of lavender with the gorgeous ruffle at the front. However, I am not really enjoying the bodice on this dress. I dislike the criss-crossed black ribbon and how it doesn't look as luxurious as the skirt part. But do I like the skirt part enough to ignore the top half?

I have decided to wait a little bit to see if Bodyline brings anything else out. It wouldn't be surprising if Bodyline release a dress using this fabric at a later date. They have done that in the past. I remember when that beautiful rose and jewellery themed bag came out last year and then afterwards they released a yukata (which I hated!) and then a skirt and dress a little afterwards. So it is worth waiting, just to weigh up my options.

Which one is going to win out in the end? Who knows...


  1. This really is one of Bodyline's best recently. (*^o^*) I love roses on anything and these look very classically portrayed. As of now, I would choose Bodyline's skirt as I dislike the construction of the Classical Puppets JSK, but if Bodyline releases a JSK I would be very interested in that. :)
    Thanks for making these post, it really helps me look at collections I've missed or didn't even know about! ^^
    Happy blogging,

    1. I agree it is a lot better than the usual stuff Bodyline put out. I know what you mean, I really love the bottom half of the Classical Puppets one, but I am not keen on the waist and bodice. I am definitely waiting a while to see if Bodyline brings anything else out.

      Thank you! :D


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