Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Dream Painting Dresses

Okay, so I am feeling very excited about the Tea Party Club's Juliette et Justine event this weekend! Ahead of this massive event, I thought I would further my excitement by doing a JetJ inspired post.

Juliette et Justine are probably best known for their painting dresses, such as Amour d'amants. Whilst they have also released a lot of other beautiful pieces, it seems the painting dresses have become very popular. However, JetJ have to use paintings that are part of the public domain. This is due to public domain pictures not being subjected to copyright.

But let's just say for a moment that JetJ could use any painting they wanted? Which paintings would you like to see them use? Here are my choices.

Ballet Rehearsal On Stage- Edgar Degas

Degas is my favourite artist, so he was always going to be on my list! JetJ could use any Degas painting and I would snap it up! But the reason Degas is on this list is because of the way he captured dancers in some of his most well-known works. I always picture ballerinas as being elegant, graceful and beautiful; qualities that could be appealing to lolitas as well. And when it comes to pictures of ballerinas, it has to be Degas! I feel his paintings captured the movement and grace of ballerinas the best. I could have chosen a number of Degas paintings, but I selected this one because I felt it would be the most suited for JetJ. It really feels as though you are standing at the side of the stage, watching the ballerinas rehearse.

Starry Night Over the Rhone- Vincent van Gogh

It is not as famous as the shorter named Starry Night, but I personally feel this one is more beautiful. The scene is so romantic with the glowing stars, the reflection of light off buildings in the water... I wish I could go to Arles and see this scene for myself. Night scenes are also very appealing with the deep colours. However, I admit that this painting would probably not transfer well to fabric. It is still gorgeous though.

The White Water Lillies- Claude Monet

A bit blurry, but I think it adds to its charm. I just think it is such a beautiful and peaceful scene, and that is why it got included on my list. It is the kind of scene where I could imagine seeing a lolita walking across the bridge. I love the use of colour too.

Sistine Madonna Two Angels- Raphael

It is an image I have already seen on multiple items of clothing! Angels are a popular theme in lolita and when I think of angel paintings, this is the first one that comes to my mind. The image is romantic and I can really see it fitting JetJ. 

Birth of Venus- Botticelli

A very famous image! Out of all the paintings in this post, this is one of the ones which I would most love to see JetJ do. It is not too hard to imagine how the finished dress would look. It is very classic and beautiful, the sort of thing I could imagine lolitas snapping up instantly. In fact, it would probably appeal to an even wider audience. 

Salisbury Cathedreal, From the Meadows- John Constable

I blame my mum for this one! I grew up seeing Constable paintings on a frequent basis. My mum owned coasters, table mats and pictures of Constable's paintings. In fact, I think I even saw a painting of his on a biscuit tin once. His paintings have so much detail to them and again, I wonder if this would come out well on fabric. Cathedrals or religious buildings are something we are used to seeing in lolita, usually with gothic lolita.  I feel this painting is a slightly different take on cathedrals than what we usually see. It is also framed well by the trees and river in the foreground and the rainbow in the sky.

Ophelia- Millais

I have been championing Shakespeare themed prints for a very long time and this is the scene I most want to see make it on to a dress! It depicts Ophelia singing in the water, just before she drowns. Yes, it is a bit grim, but for me it is one of the most iconic Shakespeare moments. And the painting depicts the scene in such a beautiful way. The foliage is so life-like and Millais put a lot of effort in to using the "language of flowers" and also putting Shakespeare's description of the scene to good use.

To be honest, there is a load of painting out there which could work with JetJ. As you can probably tell, I like impressionism and also scenes which I feel have a romantic, beautiful look to them. Some of my choices are probably more obvious than others, but I made this post based on my own opinions. I would be very interested to hear what other paintings people think would make a good JetJ dress. The possibilities are endless.


  1. I would wear the last one so fast! I also think that The Swing by Fragonard would make a beautiful dress, but I think an indie brand might have done that already (just have to find where!)

    1. I found out after I posted this that somebody had designed a dress for the JetJ contest with the Ophelia painting on it! So if it is popular enough, it might be made :D

      Ah yes, The Swing would make a beautiful dress! It would be interesting to see the indie brand one if you find it.


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