Monday, 10 September 2012

Tea Party Club 5th Anniversary Event!

I am feeling very unwell, so I am sorry if this post doesn't live up to expectations. So... the TPC 5th Anniversary event was held this weekend! I only attended the main event on Saturday but I hope everybody had fun at the Sunday tea party as well. I apologise if I didn't get the chance to talk to everybody. I have seen some pictures that have been uploaded and I can't believe how many people I missed! Then again, this event was absolutely huge. Although this event was to celebrate the TPC 5th Anniversary, there was a lot of excitement about Juliette et Justine being invited as guests. I believe this is their first party for the brand? Head designer Mari Nakamura was there to represent the brand. GLB editor Mariko Suzuki, doll designer Koisukihime and make-up artist Akira Tanaka were also present. How exciting! Kyra, who organised this event, has been absolutely amazing. And congratulations to Kyra and Dom as well! I was so excited to witness Dom's proposal and everybody in the room was crying and screaming with happiness.

After a quick browse around the various stalls, we all moved in to the other room to meet the guests. We had a really massive Q&A session. I really hope that somebody out there managed to record what was said! I think there were loads of interesting answers from the guests. Mari hinted that she had thought about making different sizes, so that may be something to look out for in the future. We also found out some interesting facts. Did you know that international lolitas make up 40% of all of JetJ's purchases? I think this is interesting because I really got the impression that the guests wanted to be more accommodating to western lolitas. There were also really interesting questions about how Mari comes up with her ideas, Mariko's favourite parts of the GLB and lots of hair and make-up tips from Akira. Koisukihime was also really lovely and we got a lot of insight in to how she designs her dolls.

The guests up on the stage!

Urgh! Shiny face! I won 2 raffle prizes during the day. In case anybody was wondering what I won in the morning raffle, it was this pair of Baby the Stars Shine Bright socks with a berry design. Seeing as I am a fan of berries, it was quite appropriate that I got this prize. I was so ecstatic to get a prize that I literally jumped up and chucked all the stuff on my lap on to the floor! Maybe that is why my poor camera was playing up! I didn't get that many outfit shots during the day because my camera decided to be very naughty.

The venue was also a brilliant choice! We loved this mirror on the stair case, so we had to get a picture. There are so many great places in this hotel where we could have taken pictures.

We also got to watch a fashion show for JetJ. It was really fascinating seeing all of the model's outfits. They were so well put together. I have to admit that before this event, JetJ were not really a brand that I considered a favourite of mine. But for most of the fashion show I was stunned by how beautiful JetJ is. I found myself lusting after many dresses and accessories. I even brought a pair of tights after I saw how good they looked when worn.

I think that my favourite outfits were the ones worn by Chokelate, although the red Alice themed outfit was also a favourite of mine. My first thought when I saw this outfit was that I really wanted the tights. In fact, I may use my discount coupon on them. 

Yay! Chokelate! I didn't get many good shots due to all the flashes going off and I was sitting further back, so I am glad I at least got a fairly good one of this outfit. I recommend viewing the ones that Anarchy Photography took and can be viewed on their Facebook page. 

My aim for my outfit was to wear classic, but to not upstage the people wearing JetJ. I chose my Meta lucky pack dress and teamed it with blush and peach coloured items. I am so glad I finally managed to work peach in to an outfit! It has been a goal of mine for ages. Almost all of my outfit is off-brand, especially Primark. I was so scared that I was going to look cheap! The rose crown, blouse, shoes and some of the jewellery is all Primark. The tights are Dorothy Perkins, the rose attached to my chest is Bodyline and the bag was the one I got in Camden on my birthday. The hardest task I found was matching up the colours. I really struggled with the cardigan so I am glad it was hot enough to take it off for most of the day. 

We all got a postcard signed by Mari and Mariko. What I thought was a really nice touch is that instead of printed autographs, they were actually all signed by both ladies! We had to go up to a table to get the postcard and we all shook hands with Mari and Mariko. I think I made a right idiot of myself. Mariko put out her hand to shake my hand and I put out the wrong hand! I could feel my face going red. Mari said I looked pretty so I thanked her politely. 

The latest GLB was being sold at a special price of £16 and features some of the dresses we saw during the day. Normally in the UK a GLB will cost you £20-25 if you buy it from somewhere like the Japan Centre in London. We also got a poster of the cover as well. Everybody was given a JetJ Autumn/Winter catalogue with a 2000yen discount coupon.

This was the poster I won in the afternoon raffle. I really love GLB cover art, so I am thrilled to have gotten 2 GLB cover posters. 

I think this post is already picture heavy, so I wont post everything I brought during the day. But here is a worn photo of the JetJ tights I got. These were not my original choice. I wanted the pair with the crosses on them and I was heartbroken when the person directly in front of me got the very last pair! It is my own fault for not buying them earlier in the day. So I picked up this classic, floral design instead, which are still very pretty. The lady behind the stall had previously said that they would suit me and I was determined to get at least one pair. The pattern gets a little faded towards the top where they have to stretch a bit more, but I still love them.

And finally, I would love to say a huge thank you to Kyra and everybody else who made this event such a huge success! I had a fantastic day!


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