Friday, 25 February 2011

Primark, how I love thee...

I remember how a few years ago, Primark was not considered very fashionable. When I was younger I recall going in there but maybe only buying a pair of socks or some pyjamas. Most of the clothing was just simple and casual. My sister would browse the sportswear whilst I recoiled in horror. But then something changed.

Primark gradually started to become more trend aware and modern. It started appearing in fashion magazines a bit more. Primark was an easy way to keep up to date with the latest fashion but at an affordable price. And then I found myself starting to fall in love with Primark.

What I love about Primark is that you can now go in there and you will find lots of loli-able items. Whether it is just a small piece of jewellery or a simple cardigan, I am always finding stuff hidden away in little corners. Recently I have been buying a lot of Primark stuff. I have this ring shaped like a baby deer, some bows and lots of jewellery with a vintage feel.

This is what I bought last weekend-

The black bag cost me just £5. It is small with a bow on the front (not very visible in this photo. Sorry!). It came in beige as well but I thought the beige version looked a bit too "old" for my personal tastes. The beige bag could probably work well with classic style but I still went with the black version. The rose headband cost £2 and it was hiding right in the corner of the shop! I have tried it on and it looks very cute with a real nature feel to it. I will probably use a few pins to keep it in place on my head. I am unsure if it will go with my Meta rose printed JSK but I love roses so I will probably find a use for this hair band at some point. And Finally, I got an eye shadow palette for £1. That is 25p per shade!

I was reluctant to try Primark make-up before. I doubt it will stay on for very long but I intend to use an eye shadow primer with it to help it stay in place. I have already tried out the colours. They are very nice but maybe slightly too glittery. I would try Primark make-up again but I will try to see if they have something with a bit less sparkle.

Recently, Primark released a £9 dress. It has vertical stripes with floral details. When I first saw it, I thought it could be turned in to a lolita dress. In fact, I saw somebody on EGL had already done this. When I initially saw it I was tempted to buy it. If I see it again I will probably buy it just to see how well it works. It was very classic in appearance. It was casual but I think that dress has potential.

Considering the current trends Primark are showcasing, it wouldn't surprise me if we see more Primark featured in the lolita community in the future.

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