Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bodyline order Feb 2011

I did a small Bodyline order because I felt I could do with a few new bits. The first thing I noticed was a very confusing sale sign on the first page. I still have no idea what this advert means and it doesn't look as though any items have been reduced so don't all go rushing on there expecting anything! And whilst the Bodyline site was still a little on the slow side, I noticed that it was a bit faster than usual. Just for reference, I was on the site at around 11AM GMT time when the speed seemed to pick up.

The package was sent out very quickly, something which I have come to expect with Bodyline. I was not left waiting around for the tracking this time and the value was marked at $15 so I didn't get any nasty customs fees. It was packaged in the usual DHL bags.

My first purchase was a skirt I had been watching on the Japanese site. The waffle skirt!

I was a little disappointed to see that my favourite colour was sold out (I wanted pink). If Bodyline intends to restock an item there will usually be a note somewhere on the page. Unfortunately it doesn't look as though the waffle skirt will be restocked so I had to make do with black.

The skirt size was true to the measurements Bodyline gave. The waist band is half shirred. I quickly tried the skirt on and noticed it was a tiny bit shorter than usual. Usually Bodyline skirts reach my knee very easily but this time it only just reached the knee area. I have not planned how I intend to wear this skirt yet so I don't have any worn photos right now.

Here is a little close-up of the print. I would have liked to have seen more definition on the waffles but it looks nicer in person than it did on the Bodyline website. I think it looks pretty! Bodyline have been doing a lot of sweets prints at the moment. Compared to some of the others such as the macaron tower and the biscuit one, the waffle skirt is not quite as nice but it is still very cute.

My main annoyance was the lace at the bottom. It is very soft and not at all itchy but looks-wise, it is not very appealing. It looks a little cheap. I was also not impressed with how the lace looked at the seam. As you can see in the picture it is a bit untidy and Bodyline could have done a lot better.

And here is the detachable bow. I will probably attempt to turn it in to a headbow. I do wish that Bodyline would make more matching headpieces instead of just the detachable bow. Bodyline did do a matching headbow for the carousel series but trust me, it does not look pretty! It sits on the head really strangely. The detachable bow is a decent size. There is a slight loose thread which I need to quickly remove but I am happy with it.

I also had to order some new white socks. They are basically the same as my other white Bodyline pair. My other pair got damaged with rain water. I need to bleach them because nothing is getting those stains out. It is nice to know I now have a spare pair if the bleaching goes wrong. From previous experience I know these socks will have a tendency to slip down my legs but I really needed a basic pair of white socks and I thought Bodyline would be the cheapest option.

I also ordered 2 dark pink strawberry hair ties. They were only $1 each so I thought why not! I will be wearing these with my strawberry Bodyline dress because I still don't have a matching headpiece for it.

Overall, I couldn't be any happier with the socks and hair ties. I love the skirt but I dislike the lace. Bodyline's service was once again reliable and even the website seemed quicker!


  1. I like that waffle print (I surprised myself there lol). I see what you mean about the lace. Up close it doesn't seem to look that bad, but maybe that's just me.

  2. When you feel the lace it doesn't feel very strong, as if it could rip really easily. But I get paranoid about taking things off so it is staying for now!

  3. This item is brand new, so i'm sure it will restock! The colors gre and sax are yet to be released too, so don't worry!

  4. It will be very interesting to see the other 2 colours. Not sure I like the idea of gre with this print though. I am assuming it is green. It could be grey.

  5. So cute, I hope you can get the pink as well~


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