Wednesday, 23 February 2011

M Fashion review Feb 2011

Today I am reviewing who I recently purchased a head bow from. Yes, I managed to get the matching Wonder Cookie head bow to my dress!

The shop was fairly easy to browse with a variety of different categories to make finding items easier. I am able to view the site in English so it is very easy to read. They also have details on their shop location if you wanted to visit the store in person.

The ordering process was fairly simple but a little fiddly. The How To Order instructions are available in a few different languages. Basically, you have to send them an email with the items you want and they give you a list of the details they need. You can only pay by Paypal or a bank transfer. It would be nice to have some more options but I guess a lot of people use Paypal anyway so this should not be too much of a problem. It is also worth noting that if you use Paypal you have to have ensured shipping.

The shop staff got back to me fairly quickly and I managed to pay without any hassle. I noticed that I had to prompt them a little to get a response. I sent them an email just to double check they got the payment ok and to ask when the item was going to be shipped out. It would have been nice to have been given this information without having to ask but the staff were very friendly and again, they responded quickly.

My main complaint was that they chose to use TNT to ship my parcel out. I have never had to use TNT before and I was a bit confused by their website. Their site is hard to navigate and they are slow to update. It meant that the tracking I was given was pretty useless. I had to look up some average delivery times between the Netherlands and the UK to get a rough idea of when the bow was coming. I think there are more reliable companies that could have been used in place of TNT. However, the bow did arrive safely. It actually arrived a day earlier than James and I had predicted. The bow was packaged safely. I was expecting to have to sign for the bow so I was a bit concerned when it was just pushed through our letter box.

And here is the actual bow!

The item was brand new with tags. Unfortunately the price I paid reflected the original Angelic Pretty retail price and shipping to their store. I paid 50 Euros which is probably a tiny bit too much but I guess the item was brand new. Besides, I was looking everywhere for this bow and this was the only shop that I could find it in so I was willing to pay a bit more. The person who dealt with me left me a cute little note and the bow was wrapped in a pretty pink polka dot plastic bag which I have kept.

So overall, my experience with M Fashion was positive, maybe neutral. My main complaint was with the shipping service TNT. I would order from M Fashion again but I would try harder to shop around to see if I can get myself a better deal. At least I managed to cross an item off of my Want To Buy list!

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