Friday, 4 February 2011

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Here in the UK one of the most discussed TV shows right now is Big Fat Gypsy weddings. It has caused a lot of controversy because it has shown girls as young as 5 gyrating their hips in revealing outfits and there have been questions about whether viewers are tuning in to laugh with or at the gypsies. They definitely live very differently from non-travelers. And don't get me started on the dating business. They do this thing called "the grab" and if a guy grabbed me and forced a kiss on me I would punch him.

But the main draw for me is the gypsy weddings. The girls wear the most ridiculous OTT dresses ever. Seriously, these dresses are HUGE. I can promise you that you have never seen wedding dresses like the ones these girls wear. Think of a Barbie doll but even bigger and more sparkly. One girl even had lights and moving butterflies on her dress. The dress maker took a fire extinguisher with her to make sure she didn't set fire to herself!

It was a cake from this weeks' episode that made me gasp. I think there are some lolitas out there who would love a cake like this-

I can't get over how huge it is! Not only is there the castle in the center, but loads of surrounding cakes, fairy lights and they have used Barbie dolls to represent the bride, groom and bridesmaids. They even used hair curlers to curl the doll's hair so it looked like the girl.

This cake is so gloriously over the top. Some would say this looks a little tacky but I have a real soft spot for this cake. Yes, a lot of viewers are tuning in to gasp at the gypsies, but the TV ratings speak for themselves. They were saying this is the most popular documentary this TV channel has ever done. It is guaranteed to leave you speechless.


  1. I love this programme! XD
    I have to agree, despite a lot of things that I really don't understand about their culture, you have to give it to them for their intricate weddings. (If gypsies got into lolita, I'm sure they'd take it to a new plane. I'm thinking OTT Sweet with another billion things added on top!)
    Seriously, that cake makes me drool.

  2. I haven't seen this show, but I love that cake! It's not tacky, it's gorgeous and ethereal! :D

  3. I would love to see a gypsy try to do lolita. Gypsys always seem to find a way to make something even more OTT so their version of OTT sweet would probably be mind blowing. It would either be incredible or really bad.

    I am getting cake envy!


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