Thursday, 21 September 2017

September 2017 Haul- Unexpected Dream Item Edition

Today I have another haul to share with you all, which is mostly accessory based with a bit of artwork thrown in for good measure. This was not meant to be a 'Big Spending' month for me, especially after DMC, but fate decided to chuck a wishlist item in my direction. I also really like Halloween, which as you will see below heavily influenced my spending.

First is a pair of postcards I got from Polyrillustration on Etsy. I have a bad habit of buying anything remotely bird themed lately, but these are no ordinary birds! They have been drawn by a lolita called Elizabeth and their wings feature a lace pattern. So I guess you could say they have been slightly lolitafied! But I wanted to include these in my haul post because I really think Elizabeth is talented and as an added bonus, she is really lovely! Please go and check out her Etsy.

As well as an envelope covered in the most amazing bird stickers (which I have cut out and kept, even though they are no longer sticky) Elizabeth wrote me a thank you note. Apparently I am her very first customer! I really loved the bird drawing she did for the note. I would be interested to see where she takes her art in the future. Perhaps she could offer to draw customer's birds? (hint hint...)

Next is a Spooktacular haul from H&M. I went looking for Larme-able stuff, and ended up raiding the kid's section. Aside from the moon and star clips, everything came from the kid's section. I have to admit that so far this Autumn I have not been impressed with the very slow trickle of Halloween merchandise available here in the UK. It is not really that big a holiday over here and I was sad that H&M relegated Halloween to the kid's section. 

But I was very glad I took a chance and went to check the kid's bit out (I do this every time I go to H&M) because these accessories are so adorable! I absolutely love the bat clip. All the clips are quite firmly glued on. I am also pleased to say that the chokers stretch enough for an adult to comfortably wear them. The skeleton hands do indeed glow in the dark, but they are not that vibrant. I mainly got these for their spooky vibe. Also, these hand clips are quite popular in Japanese fashion but they can be very expensive. So being able to get them on the high street was a big bonus.

I also got these fluffy scrunchies because I thought they looked cute, but also because I could incorporate them in to my larme wardrobe. Despite being in the kid's section, they have a reasonable amount of stretch to them. My only complaint is I had to buy 2 lots so I could have matching colours if I did twin tails. Who am I kidding, I would have brought them in both colours anyway!

Finally, I got both the necklace and bracelet from Baby's Twinkle Constellation series! You may have seen me use this necklace in a load of outfit collages on here, and now I actually own it! These have both been on my wishlist ever since the series first came out, but they very rarely crop up on the second hand market. Then Closet Child Harajuku got both of them. I had to use a shopping service for the necklace, so I used Muuh Tokyo SS. She replied super quick and within minutes we had arranged for her to go to Closet Child the following day and pick up the necklace for me. I was sent photographic proof of the necklace and receipt. The necklace was also very well packed. I would wholeheartedly recommend her service if you need a speedy shopping service.

Both the bracelet and the necklace were in like new condition. The design which I have coveted for so many years was definitely worth it. The rounded star shape is so cute. It does remind me of candy, as do the frosted beads. The star chains interwoven in to the design are a nice touch as well. I did notice that the star charms were a little stiff and don't have much movement to them, but this is only a minor complaint. The necklace has lots of space on the chain to adjust the length, but the bracelet is firmly one size only. I did find this meant the bracelet slipped quite far down my arm. I suppose because of the bracelet design it would have been difficult to make it adjustable without compromising on appearance. But overall, I am super happy to finally tick these off my wishlist. I don't have that many items left to go now, which is exciting! I do wonder how (or if) my wardrobe will expand after I get everything else.

So those are my new items! Despite the necklace really taking me by surprise and screwing up my socialising funds for this month, I don't regret getting it at all. It is a really cool design and now I am probably going to bore you all by wearing it constantly! The other items were all cheap and well worth the money. I really like it when you find little surprises on the high street. Primark, didn't have the fluffy bag I wanted, but otherwise my shopping trip left me satisfied. There is more stuff on the way to me in the mail so hopefully there will be another haul post in the near future.


  1. Congratulations on getting you hands on the Twinkle Constellation jewelry! They are really, really pretty ^__^

    1. Thank you! It was unexpected, but I am glad they cropped up! :)


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