Monday, 18 September 2017

Rose Palace by Metamorphose

Today I am looking at Rose Palace by Metamorphose. This series includes 3 dresses (the OP was not available at time of writing, so I will add it later if it comes out before publishing), a blouse, tights, a hair clip, a lace peplum and several corsets. EDIT- Okay, the OP has now come out but I will admit I completely forgot about adding it to the post. Sorry!

First is the Ribbon JSK. The bodice seems fairly well fitted. I think the shape of the bodice is simple, but elegant. The only thing about the shape I am unsure about is the very square neckline. The straps look a decent width and quite supportive. They are lined with a line of gold braid (which also goes along the neckline) and some pretty lace on the outsides. The way the lace has been shaped and gathered makes it look quite frilly, and I did wonder if perhaps it looked a little too cute looking for the gothic print? The waist line is topped with 2 bows made of the main dress fabric and a line of lace. I don't feel the lace sits particularly well on the waistline and it gets a bit 'lost' underneath the bows anyway. The bows are a lovely shape and I like the detailing on them, like the gold braid and lace. However, I think the bows are a bit big in size and are placed a bit too close together. The bodice has a chiffon ruffle topped with gold braid going up the middle. I don't think this detail works that well. I think it is the gold braid which makes this detail look odd and Meta should have just had the chiffon ruffle by itself. Some thin lines of lace could have subtly broken up the empty areas on the sides of the bodice without drawing attention away from the bigger features. There is a big bow on the neckline. This bow has a simple shape, but it has been well formed and works well. I love the cross cameo in the middle! None of the bows on the bodice appear to be detachable, which is a shame because it would definitely be great to be able to re-position the waist bows. The back is fully shirred which means loads of size flexibility, but also that the shirring is left exposed with nothing covering it. The stock photos show that the skirt has a decent amount of volume. It flares outwards well too and I think there is loads of potential to create a fantastic shape. The skirt is kept simple, so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a line of Meta logo themed lace layered on top of a chiffon ruffle.

Next we have the High Waist JSK. The bodice material looks quite loose and baggy. I think this is because of the way the material has been gathered and is deliberate. I am quite underwhelmed about the bodice shape though. It is so square and basic. The straps also look a bit thin, although the do suit the style of the bodice. Wide straps would probably not suit this dress. The straps are topped with gold braid and a chiffon ruffle. These same details also appear along the neckline. I like how this makes the area look a lot softer and romantic, but without looking too cute. It also goes well with the use of chiffon at the bottom of the dress. The waist has a solid coloured panel, which sort of looks a bit like a belt. It is good how it helps to break up the printed dress material and does define the waist a little bit. This is topped with a waist bow. I think the bow is a good size, but I am not a fan of the bow shape. I feel as though it is lacking something. Maybe some lace and a more intricate shape could have helped to liven it up. But there is a gorgeous cross charm dangling from the middle and despite its size, it holds its shape well. It is a shame that the charm doesn't stand out more. This waist bow is detachable but given how plain the bodice is, I would leave it on, even though I don't like it that much. Or maybe I would consider moving it to the neckline instead? The back is fully shirred again, so there is lots of size flexibility but the shirring is still left exposed. The skirt looks full of volume and it flares outwards a lot. I like how the skirt is a bit longer in length, to help compensate for the high waist design. The skirt is again kept simple in design, so the print is displayed excellently. The bottom hem is then finished off with 2 wide chiffon ruffles and some small ribbon bows. I like the ruffles but think they could have done with being just a little less wide. The bows are a lovely finishing touch, despite being a little bit shiny.

Finally, this is the print. This series comes in black, dark blue and lavender. I think all 3 colours look beautiful. It is difficult to pick a favourite! As for the print, I am pleased to see Meta going a bit gothic again. Although these window prints are quite overdone (it is not even new ground for Meta) this offering has been well executed. The lines are neat and the way the print is set out is very tidy. The churches inside the windows are heavily detailed as well. The roses offer a refreshing pop of colour. In fact, I think the border part of the print could have done with a few more roses. The brand name features in a strip at the bottom, but this is kept nicely understated. I suppose people's feelings towards this series will depend on how you feel about originality, but this print does measure up well next to similar prints.

So if you are a fan of these kind of prints, then this is a decent series to add to your collection. The print is lovely, but there are a few small changes I would make to the dress designs. I think the colour choices are what makes this series. The black is quite a classic colour for the print, but the navy blue and lavender offer something a bit more unusual. Would I buy this series? Possibly, but it wont be going on my wishlist. My top choice would be the Ribbon JSK in lavender. I look forward to seeing some fantastic gothic outfits with this series


  1. I have to say this series has grown on me! Still don't think I'd buy it but I am looking forward to seeing it on other people.

    1. I think I feel the same. I don't like it enough to buy it myself, but I like the idea of seeing other people wearing it. It is a nice enough series, even if the theme is a bit overdone now.


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