Thursday, 4 February 2016

Quick Catch Up in Reading!

Over the weekend I got the chance to catch up with Sammi and Shalisa in Reading again. Technically, the purpose of my trip was to get some elastic to fix those Fuwaboom over-skirts I got from Taobao, but it was the perfect excuse to see my friends at the same time. Alas, I have come to the decision that the over-skirts may be beyond fixable but at least I was able to have a good time! In the future I am just going to pin the over-skirts in place or I may even bin them.

I wore a simple outfit with Bodyline's Love Jewelry skirt. I haven't worn this skirt since Sammi's wedding so it seemed a good time to wear it. Recently, I discovered these Secret Shop tights were actually a good match for the skirt and I have no idea why I didn't think to pair them together before! I added rose clips to my wrist cuffs to add a further touch of pink. Lately I have been having a bit of a rethink about the best way to share my outfits. Some of you may have noticed I have stopped posting on Lookbook and that is because I have gotten fed up with the attitude of some of the Lookbook users. Some people on there are lovely though! I am still posting my outfits on Tumblr but my Tumblr is quite small.

We took a few group shots by the riverside because in the centre of Reading there isn't a great deal of places you can take good photos. And even in these photos I had the sun in my eyes! Don't be fooled by the sunshine though- it was freezing cold! Shalisa and Sammi looked amazing. I have always liked Shalisa in Meta's Vintage Poodle (I don't think I could wear it as well as she does!) and Sammi's AP skirt is such a great solid coloured piece.

These are the evil pigeons that came very close to ruining the picture Shalisa took of me with her new Instax camera! One second later, and the picture would of been of me cowering as these pigeons fly past!

Shalisa's Christmas gifts finally arrived so she was able to give them to us. I am so thrilled to finally have a pair of crochet strawberry wrist cuffs! I have been meaning to get a pair for years because I own quite a few strawberry prints and they are a big theme in my wardrobe. Shalisa also got me a pair of red bows from her shop Sugar Trampoline. I desperately needed some simple red bows and the ones Shalisa makes are so versatile and easy to wear.

We went to the Outlook for food. I purposely ate a salad so I could justify pigging out on a slice of their chocolate fudge cake! I am of the opinion that the Outlook's cake is a lot better than the one that the Mitre in Oxford does. It makes me yearn for more adventures in Reading. I also got myself a virgin mojito, which was quite pleasant. We had a bad experience with their strawberry woo woo, but the non-alcoholic cocktails are a lot better.

Later on we headed to the Purple Turtle for some actual alcohol. I almost didn't get served! Maybe I don't look my actual age, but I find it hard to believe I don't at least look the legal drinking age of 18! I am now scrambling to get a replacement ID card as quickly as possible. Because of how the offers are done we ended up with a spare Love Potion 69 cocktail, so we fishbowled it. I didn't try this cocktail last time and out of all the cocktails I have had here, this is the nicest. It is hard to describe the taste though. It is very tropical, but also a bit peachy and the Malibu adds a touch of coconut too.

And here is a shot of the successful Instax picture! I love how it turned out and I am excited to see all the fun pictures Shalisa is going to take. I really loved the group shot we took as well. 

It would great to have the chance to see my friends before the upcoming Oxfordshire anniversary meet. I am hosting yet again, so I am feeling a bit nervous right now. I just want everything to run without a hitch! At least I got to have some relaxing casual fun beforehand. The Instax photo is a lovely souvenir from a fun day as well. I will be posting about the anniversary meet very soon. Fingers crossed it is a success!

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