Thursday, 25 February 2016

How I Would Wear It Now- Bodyline Alice Edition

I decided to have yet another go at taking a piece I used to own which I didn't co-ordinate very well, and try to see how I would wear it now. Today's piece from the past is the Bodyline Alice in Wonderland print skirt. I remember when this skirt first came out and I instantly fell in love with it. Sadly, I sold it after wearing it just a few times. I didn't feel like I could do anything great with this skirt and I think the biggest problem was that in my mind I felt that as it was Alice in Wonderland themed, that meant everything had to be OTT and crazy, because that is what it is like in Wonderland! So my outfits with this skirt featured a lot of crazy ideas but my outfits were never that cohesive and I just threw things together. So for my present day outfit collage, I have decided to go against that old belief and I tried to put together an outfit that wasn't OTT and had a bit more maturity and thought put in to it.

So this is my attempt at doing a slightly more toned-down outfit with the Alice skirt. I maybe played it a bit safe with my choices, but that was one of my aims when putting it together. One thing I forgot about this skirt is that the colours are a bit strange. As it was the blue and pink skirt I used to own, I of course wanted to use that as part of this co-ordinate challenge. Again, back in the day I used to think that anything Alice in Wonderland had to be blue. I think as far as the colours go, the blue version was by far the most difficult colour to go for! Shalisa owns the skirt in red still, and when I look at it I can think of loads more ways that colour could be co-ordinated. The blue on this skirt was a lot deeper than sax blue, more of a periwinkle blue or perhaps a cornflower blue. So those were the colours I tried searching for online. Sadly, I didn't have much success finding a pair of shoes the right colour, so I ended up only adding a small touch of the blue with the nail polish. So I decided to focus on the peachy pink colour instead. After all, the pink is also very prominent in the skirt. When I owned this skirt I used to pair it with a lot of red. I decided to include a bit of red in the outfit, but I didn't want it to be over-whelming. Hopefully the colours in my collage are fairly well balanced. I am still disappointed I couldn't find the right pair of blue shoes. 

Looking back, there are loads of mini themes that could be used in an outfit with this skirt, which I didn't think of before. You could try to use the small hints of gold in the print, which for some reason I never spotted when I owned it! There is also the mushrooms, or you could focus on one individual character in the print. If I had owned the red version, I would definitely consider a red queen outfit.

I actually felt a bit sad writing this post, as I don't feel I really gave my Alice skirt a fair chance before I sold it. This skirt used to be one of my wishlist prints! (I didn't have a job back when it came out, so I couldn't just buy Bodyline whenever I pleased) I feel really content with my current wardrobe though, so this skirt probably wont be making its way back in to my wardrobe either. It also felt good to take a trip down memory lane and I am confident this new oufit collage looks a lot better than anything I came up with back when I was a newer lolita.


  1. Its so nice to see revisited posts- I think a lot of my pieces would work a lot nicer now but the effort and time lolita takes </3

    I'd love to see more of these posts

    1. Thank you! I am glad you liked this post. I am fast running out of old stuff to do these posts about though! I will try to do some more in the future :)

  2. I sold this skirt in blue too, mostly because it's too sweet but I miss it sometimes as well!

    I like the outfit you came up with, it really lets the skirt be the star of the show.

    1. I think out of everything I have ever sold, this is the skirt I miss the most. It's probably too sweet for my current tastes, which is why I tried to go a bit more mature when I made this collage!


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