Thursday, 11 February 2016

Oxfordshire Lolitas 5th Anniversary Meet

The Oxfordshire Lolitas community is 5 years old! To celebrate, some of us met up for our usual anniversary meet in Oxford.

I apologise for the hall way photo of my outfit. The weather was absolutely atrocious! I wanted to get a photo before my hair curls fell out and I got the general windswept look. Bad weather seems to be a tradition for the anniversary meets. Out of all of the 5 anniversary meets, only 1 of them has had anything even remotely close to resembling okay weather. I wore my Queen's Coach JSK. I got the red JSK shortly after getting the black skirt. It is such a gorgeous print and I have always loved this red JSK. I did initially have a bit of trouble putting an outfit together, as the reds on the dress are a bit different to all the other reds in my wardrobe. It is almost a purple colour. In the end, I added an additional shade of red (although it does appear a tiny bit on the dress) and made sure to use plenty of it to balance it out. Although you can't tell in the photo, the under-skirt is the same colour as my hair accessory! This wasn't my initial outfit idea but the weather sort of spoiled my plans, as I found myself needing to use my Bodyline boots for the wet weather. At least I have another outfit planned for this dress I guess!

We ended up at the Slug and Lettuce after having a vote on where to go on the event page. The venue was surprisingly nice, with fancy chairs, mirrors and chandeliers. Some of the staff were really fun to talk to as well! I ordered a chicken skewer thing and some chips. The salad that came with it was very colourful and had quite a nice combination of fruit and veg in it. My only complaint is I could of done with some more chicken.

I am really pleased to say that I won Best Classic in the vote! I was so happy that people voted for me and liked my outfit. This year I got some pre-made rosettes off Taobao and then customised them by covering the centre part and adding the embroidery. As much as I love making rosettes, I sometimes get a bit fed up of them. And the less said about the year I managed to set my finger on fire, the better! The Taobao rosettes only came in 3 colours and I was really pleased that I won a rosette that matched my outfit so perfectly!

We attempted to get a group shot, but it was a little difficult to do with the way the table was laid out. Oh well, James tried his best! It was lovely to see a mix of regulars and also some newcomers.

After discovering that the cocktails were buy one, get on free a lot of us got stuck right in! This is my Porn Star Martini, which tasted absolutely amazing. I love anything with passion fruit in and if I see it on a menu it is almost certainly what I am going to order. I also had a passion fruit daiquiri, but the alcohol was a little bit strong tasting in that one. I loved how the Porn Star cocktail had a piece of passion fruit floating in it and an extra shot of prosecco too.

After having food we had our usual raffle. Here are the prizes I won. Sammi made the most adorable doughnut brooches and I knew I had to get one. It doesn't match a single thing in my wardrobe, but it is so cute! Sammi is so good at crafting, as is Shalisa, but I wasn't quick enough to get a Sugar Trampoline bow. I am glad I got the doughnut at least.

And this year there was also an additional quiz, which Shalisa ended up winning. I felt that I had to share Sammi's answer sheet though, because I don't think I will ever forget the answers she put! For the last part of the quiz I had a load of Baby print names and people had to fill in the gaps. So for "Memories of my First Soiree" became "Memories of my First Wet Dream" (ahem!) and the answers just got even more silly from there. I also think "Princess Chicken's Tea Salon" deserves a special mention. I don't think any of these print names will be appearing on Baby's site any time soon!

After taking some solo shots on the fancy chairs, we headed off to do our own thing. Hayley went on a venture to H&M to get hold of some Pusheen pants and then some of us headed over to the Mitre for a bit of a relaxed end to the day. I ordered a chocolate brownie (it is still nowhere near as good as the fudge cake at the Outlook, but I wanted something warm) and then braved the dodgy weather on the way home. 

So overall I think the actual meet itself went okay. The activities seemed to go down well and I know a few of us really enjoyed the alcohol! I had a good time, although it felt so good to take off my outfit at the end of the day and just crash on the sofa. Here is hoping for some fun lolita adventures in the upcoming year!

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