Thursday, 19 September 2013

Challenge Your Wardrobe

After having a bit of a creative slump recently I have been wondering what challenges I could set for myself with my current wardrobe. I want to see if I can wear things in new ways or maybe give an abandoned piece a bit more love.

So I have come up with a few challenges, just for fun. Whenever I am feeling a bit down or bored I can give one of these challenges a go. Who knows... maybe I can come up with something really great!

Here are a few challenges I have come up with. Feel free to use them yourselves.

- Combine your favourite wardrobe main piece with a colour you have not worn it with before

- Take your least worn dress or skirt and come up with 5 different outfits for it

- Have a blouse or an item that you always seem to wear with nearly every outfit? For your next 5 outfits you are banned from using it.

- Put a list of all your main pieces in to a hat and in another hat put a list of some of your blouses/accessories/etc. Pick an item from both hats and see if you can make those 2 items work together.

- Take a main piece that is a certain style (sweet, classic, gothic, etc) and try to make it fit a different style. For example, take a sweet dress and try to wear it in the classic style. Don't forget other smaller sub-styles such as pirate, country and sailor!

- Take inspiration from magazines like Kera and do a 10 items, 7 outfits challenge.

- Try to make an outfit that in total costs under £100

Sometimes doing challenges like this can make you see your clothes in a different light. Even if the end results don't turn out that great, at least you will have hopefully had fun!


  1. this looks fun! Mind if I translate it to Portuguese? I'll give you credits and a direct link to this post, of course ^^

  2. When I grow tired of a certain piece or an outfit, I trying incorporating it or wearing it in different ways as well. Recently, I went to a crafting store and brought various knickknacks and have already started planning their designs so I can add them into my outfits.

    1. I like crafting and making new accessories too. I am trying to think about my next craft project at the moment actually!


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