Thursday, 26 September 2013

Bodyline wig 089 review

I am finally getting around to a post I was meant to write weeks ago...

So back in August I ordered another Bodyline wig after having a fairly good experience with them last time-

This time I ordered wig 089 in Medium Brown 4. This is what the stock photo looks like-

The reviews I have seen for this wig have been good and I loved how thick the base wig looked in the stock photos. The wig was packaged in the exact same way as the last one. The wig pieces were wrapped individually in nets, placed inside a cardboard circle and then put inside a bag. 

The wig didn't really live up to my expectations. In this photo I had already worn the wig once, so it has been brushed out a bit, but the curls didn't have a great shape to them to begin with.

A shot of the back. The colour is very lovely. The wig has got a slight shine to it, but I don't think the shine looks too bad.

The main problem I am having with this wig is that is gets tangled and frizzy very easily. It was like this when I initially got it and I have been battling the frizz with it ever since. It got so bad at one point that I almost didn't wear it to the Frock On event and I spent most of the day worrying that my wig looked awful. It is definitely going to need a lot of TLC.

The clips are done in the same way as my other Bodyline wig. Thankfully the clips are not as frizzy as the base wig, but you can see there are still some flyaway strands. For some reason, I have found it hard to get the clips in to a good position on the base wig. They don't seem to look that natural and I think they will require a bit of brushing out to make them sit on the wig better.

The top looks relatively the same as my other Bodyline wig. Thankfully the top bit looks lovely and smooth!

The wig cap on this wig feels a bit more generous size-wise. I found the cap easy to adjust as well. The base wig is a bit thicker than my other Bodyline wig, and I think it is possible to get away with wearing the base wig by itself.

And, finally, a random photo of me wearing the base wig. I spent most of the day with the wig mainly covered by my bonnet, but I will see if I can find some better shots of me wearing the wig!

So overall, I think the wig is a lovely colour, fits well and is reasonably thick. But the tangling is a big problem, the base wig loses its curls very easily and the clips don't sit on the wig quite right. I guess now I understand why people say Bodyline wigs are a bit hit and miss. I am going to try and give the wig a good brushing and styling before I completely write this wig off though. Hopefully I can restore it to the way it was meant to look!


  1. Might seem like a silly suggestion, but get some spray in conditioner or de-tangler and spray that in, brush out from the bottom upwards. If you need to re-set the curls, wrap them around the curlers and place in hot water (not so hot it melts it though, obviously!) Leave for 10-15 minutes, remove and allow to dry with the curlers in (If it's especially thick you might need to remove the curlers before its fully dry.) It's the heat that resets it rather than the moisture. I've had two reset curls in two wigs now and one has a constant problem with tangling whilst wearing and the sprays really help.

    1. That sounds really good advice. Thanks! I am a bit nervous about ruining it because this is my first time doing this, but if it looks a tangled mess anyway then I may as well give it a go!


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