Monday, 30 September 2013

Mini Meet at a Vintage Fair

After discovering there was a vintage fair being held in Oxford this weekend, a group of us decided to go to it and have a casual meet.

I wore Dream Sky because I recently obtained a set of Melty Moon jewellery, thanks to an Angelic Pretty re-stock! The outfit was not really lolita because I thought lolita would be too full-on in a packed fair and I was seeing how much Dream Sky/Melty Moon stuff I could cram in to one outfit. Apart from the wig, I wanted to be casual. I had a little trouble with matching sax blues and purples, but hopefully it doesn't look too bad!

In the end, the vintage fair turned out to be a bit disappointing and I don't really have any photos of it. Most of us came out empty handed, although Haley and a few of the others came out with loads! I obviously haven't got the hang of vintage fairs yet. All I could see were dodgy Christmas jumpers and stuff from Topshop or H&M (do they really count as vintage?). It also turned out there was another vintage fair going on in Oxford on the same day, which was better. I am a bit gutted we didn't go to that one instead but we know for next time...

Anyway, after the fair we got some food at Noodle Nation and I finally stayed in there long enough to complete the dragon colouring in page on their menu! Although mine got a little spoilt because I split a bit of my drink on it. I am still very happy with how my dragon turned out though. I think maybe it is time for Noodle Nation to do a new colouring in page because the dragon has been there for years!

After getting food we wondered around town for a bit. Primark was once again filled with random stuff, including this mannequin complete with Santa's legs. I can't work out if the shop staff did it on purpose or whether a customer was joking about. 

And finally, a group shot! We walked around Christ Church. So many tourists asked for photos that we had to get Jenni to step in as our PR! It was good to have a relaxing meet-up and despite the fair being a disappointment, I was really glad to see everybody.


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