Monday, 15 July 2013

My New Bodyline Wig

At first, I admit I was a bit sceptic about Bodyline wigs. I wasn't really sure how good the quality would be. But after discussing Bodyline wigs with friends, I decided I would give it a go. So I ordered wig 088 in Medium Brown 7.

The packaging was done in pretty much the same way my Lockshop wig was. The 3 wig pieces were wrapped individually in nets and then it was placed inside a cardboard circle, in a bag. My wig didn't need a massive amount of brushing when I took it out the packet. There were a few flyaway strands but generally, the wig seemed to be of a good quality. It feels lovely and soft too.

The wig has a slight sheen to it but it isn't massively shiny. My camera flash makes it look worse than it actually is. The colour is gorgeous. It is a lovely, warm chocolate shade. I was originally going to go darker but I am so glad I didn't now!

The one thing I would say is that I wish the base wig was a bit thicker. The wig cap is covered but I fear that it wouldn't take much for the cap to start poking through and become visible.

This is what the inside of the clips look like. I am not really sure what the random hair ties are there for? Maybe somebody with this style of wig could explain it to me!

Please excuse my sleepy face! This is what the wig looks like worn. It is very comfortable to wear and despite the clips, it didn't feel too heavy. It looks a bit wonky in this photo but that is because I pushed some of the right ponytail over my shoulder by accident. The clips have a nice fullness to them and it definitely helps to disguise the thin base.

I think I need to brush the wig a bit more so it looks a bit fuller at the back. At the moment it does look a bit on the thin side.

And finally, a random shot of the base by itself. I personally wouldn't wear just the base by itself due to the thin issue I mentioned above.

I would say that the quality is definitely what I was expecting. I have heard that some Bodyline wigs are better than others. I don't think the wig I chose was a bad one, with the only issue being how thick the base wig is. It hasn't put me off Bodyline wigs and I am already eyeing up another one. Overall, I am pretty happy with the wig I got. I still think I am a bit of a wig novice but I think this wig suits my needs quite nicely.


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