Monday, 8 July 2013

Alice Day 2013!

On Saturday we had our annual lolita meet at Alice Day in Oxford. In the end the Oxfordshire and South West lolita groups joined together, which was lovely because we got to meet some new people and there were more people to share the fun with.

I was dressed as the White Rabbit wearing Angelic Pretty's Wonder Cookie print. People kept mistaking me for an Alice/White Rabbit hybrid though. I thought people would guess who I was from the massive rabbit ears! My WC dress and bow was teamed with white Bodyline shoes and wrist cuffs. I used my Bodyline stripy macaron socks too as I wanted to do something different (I usually end up wearing my matching Wonder Cookie socks!). 

I teamed it with a DreamV cutsew and off-brand and AP jewellery. Being the rabbit was a perfect excuse to use one of my Paris Kids fluffy bunny brooches, which I absolutely adore.

As I was hosting, I planned games and surprises. Sammi was unlucky enough to find a lump of carrot in her cupcake. She found the carrot before she bit in to it though! This was all part of the plan for the guests to build up points and then win a big prize at the end.

One of the games was to build the highest sugar cube tower in one minute. It's a lot harder than it sounds. Everybody kept getting the shakes!

The prize at the end featured postcards, tea, jam, a spoon and an AP spade cookie ring. Jenny won in the end.

Jenny also won our Best Dressed contest and she got a brooch that I spent ages making. I don't think my crafting skills are that brilliant but Jenny seemed pleased with her prize! The prize was quite appropriate in the end because Jenny was dressed as the Red Queen and the brooch matched her outfit.

I did notice there were less exhibits going on this year and the ones that were on seemed to end sooner in the day and were smaller compared to previous years. So we didn't get to see that much. We did however, see a dodo skeleton in the Ashmolean Museum. I do hope that there are more events at Alice Day in the future. For those attending in the future, I suggest having a picnic at the Botanical Gardens as the Oxford castle stuff is a lot smaller than it used to be.

And a group shot of us all. Michelle told everybody to pull derp faces at my camera, so some of us are pulling some pretty strange faces here! Everybody looked amazing.

I do hope everybody had a good time in the end. I tried my best as a host! We got very lucky with the weather. It's just a shame Alice Day seemed smaller this year. But I doubt that will stop us having another meet in Oxford again next July.


  1. Omg! You make an adorable white rabbit! <3 And by the looks of it, everyone had a great time! Alice in Wonderland is always a great theme. :3 Great job! I wish I lived near you to go to your meetups! X3

    1. Thank you! <3 I love Alice themed stuff. I feel pretty blessed to live near somewhere that has an annual Alice event!


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