Thursday, 13 December 2012

MUA Nail Constellation Nail Kit

So back in July I made a post about a Caviar Nail kit by Ciate-

In the end, I never got around to buying the Ciate kit. Since then, there have been cheaper versions made. So I decided to buy one from MUA. If you live in the UK, you can find MUA in Superdrug. Since buying this kit, I have also discovered that Primark have released their own version. The colours don't look as varied in the Primark kit, but I will try and get one to see how it compares to the MUA one.

These kits cost £3 and you would probably get a couple of uses out of a bottle. MUA have 5 different colours as part of their Constellation collection. I decided to go for Libra, which is black with some green mixed in.

 I did a bit of a test run, painting just one of my thumbs. Whilst my nail polish was still wet, I poured the balls over. I managed to get a very decent coverage and you could only spot my lavender nail polish around the edges, where I missed. I will spend more time focusing on the edges next time. The instructions suggested to press the balls on the nails, so that it what I did. The finishing result was a nail that looked like it had been dipped in caviar! It gave a nice 3D effect but at the same time, the balls were not too bulky. This makes it quite easy to wear and it didn't catch my nail on anything as I went about my daily business. I did wonder just how secure the balls would be so I decided to see how well it would last after I had been to bed. The following morning I had only lost a few balls at the very tip of my nail. When I say a few, it really was only a few balls and the majority of my nail was not affected at all. I couldn't even find any bits that had fallen off lying about anywhere. My nail also survived the shower. So I would say that the kit is quite strong. You could probably get away with wearing it for a couple of days and you would only need to top up the edges.

My only complaint is the packaging. The plastic top was so stiff, that when I first opened it, I managed to spill beads all over me. I understand that this is so that the kit wont spill out while being stored, but it was very frustrating. The lid doubles up as a funnel to get the leftover beads back in to the pot once you are done. I found that the funnel didn't work that well because it had a thick rim that the beads kept getting caught on. Most of the beads ended up clinging to the funnel instead of going back in the pot. I found it quicker to put the beads back in by hand.

But despite some problems I had with the packaging, I think the kit is definitely worth £3. It is incredibly cheap compared to the Ciate kit. The Constellation Collection colours are also very interesting, with loads of different metallic coloured beads. I only got the Libra kit, but I was very tempted by the Gemini kit which is a  mix of pink, blue and silver. I would definitely recommend the MUA kit and would buy it again.

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