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Gloria by Alice and the Pirates

Firstly, I apologise for doing 2 print discussion posts in a row. I really want to get these out of the way before my Christmas break. So today I will take a look at Gloria by Alice and the Pirates. This series includes 3 dresses, a skirt, socks, a blouse, a headdress, a headband and a few accessories.

This is the Therese OP. There isn't much of a bodice to this dress but it is a good shape for what it is. The long sleeves look very pretty and are finished well with pretty ribbon bows. The bows are kept fairly small, which is good as it doesn't look that bulky or too fussy. There is a waist bow which is kept suitably small. However, for some reason I think it looks a bit out of place. I actually think that it could look better if it was on the neckline, where the collar meets in the middle.

As for the collar, I do think it is a bit too wide. It will emphasise how wide the wearer's shoulders are. The lace around the edges just emphasises it further. Overall, I think the collar needs to sit nearer to the neck instead of on the shoulders. It all looks a bit awkward. The collar does have some pretty embroidery though, as shown in the picture. I just wish it was shaped differently so it is a bit more flattering.

The back has no shirring and is kept plain. I absolutely hate the shape of the skirt on this dress. It looks so frumpy and reminds me of a Victorian style nightie. I think that maybe the skirt is a bit too long. But maybe instead of making the overall dress length shorter, it would look a bit better if the bodice was a bit longer and the skirt started a bit lower down. As it is, I think it looks a bit shapeless and it would take a specific body shape to really pull this dress off well. On a more positive note, at least the print is displayed well, as the skirt is kept free of distracting details. The bottom hem is finished off neatly with some good quality lace. Overall though, I personally think this dress is hideous.

This is the Maria JSK. The bodice is a very pretty shape. There are a few spots where the material looks a bit baggy so maybe it wont be as well fitted, but overall it looks good. I do like the idea of using lacey looking material on the waist bow, as it is a bit different and contrasts nicely. However, the waist bow is far too big for my liking. It's so huge! I actually find it a bit too distracting. Despite its size, it has got a nice shape to it and it doesn't sag or look droopy. The pearls on the waist bow are a nice touch too. I just wish it was a bit smaller. Although, I also feel the dress would look fine without it there at all. The yoke is a nice shape and I think it is a good size for the bodice. It is done neatly and it does compliment the rest of the dress. The edges are lined really well with a thin ruffle. The yoke is topped with a bow. The shape of the bow is a bit simple but I think a more elaborate bow here would look too OTT. The straps are a nice width and are topped with layers of lace. I think it has been done well and doesn't look out of place. The back has a panel of shirring, which is concealed very neatly by a ribbon corset. The back also has a bustle which uses the same material as the yoke and the waist bow. The bustle tiers are spaced out well and layered nicely. The skirt is a good shape. It is full and rounded but without looking too OTT. It will hold a decent amount of petticoat too. The skirt is kept free of cluttering details. This means the print is displayed beautifully. I am not too keen on the lace used on the bottom hem though, as I think it is a bit too wide.

This is the Mary Jeanne JSK. The bodice is a very interesting shape. The corset styling really defines the waist area well. The straps are a bit thin and I would have preferred them to be a tiny little bit wider.

I adore the pearl chain details on the bodice. It looks so pretty and I think it adds a lot of interest. I would really love to see more bodice details like this in the future. As for the corset detailing on the front, it has been done neatly and the ribbon blends in well. The edges are also finished neatly with lace, which is a nice touch. I think it is a good idea to have a ribbon above the corset part, but I think I would have chosen different ribbon to the one AatP used. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, I just don't think is the best choice. I wouldn't have bothered with the ribbon bow in the middle. It looks too cute in comparison to the style on the rest of the dress. I also don't think it is really needed as there is already enough detail on the bodice.

The back has a panel of shirring which is concealed by a ribbon corset. This shirring panel is so narrow though, and I was very surprised that the size listed on the website was more flexible than I first thought. The skirt has a very lovely shape to it. It has a nice, full bell shape. There are no distracting details on the skirt, so once again the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off nicely with some good quality lace.

And here is the print close up. The print is available in ivory, bordeaux, navy and black. This print is absolutely stunning. What first drew me in was all the different colours in the print. It's very vibrant and eye catching. And the glass windows are drawn so beautifully. They are full of lots of detail. It reminds me of real stained glass windows. I think my favourite part is is the cherubs frolicking amongst the roses (shown on the right set of windows in the picture). Yes, it is a theme we have seen before, but I think this print outshines previous efforts. I think my favourite colour is the black version because all the vibrant colours of the glass windows really stand out against the dark background.

I really like the barrette for this series. It is very different and has an interesting shape to it. I like how unusual it is. I like the roses and I think it matches well with the print. The dangling charm is a nice touch too.

So overall I do think this could be a very strong series. The print is gorgeous. From time to time the dress designs maybe let the print down a little, but I think there are some good options available. I would probably pick the Mary Jeanne JSK in black, or maybe navy as a compromise. I would definitely avoid the OP though. I think this is a series I would buy from. It might not be going on my wishlist but it is something I wouldn't mind owning. I do have very high hopes for this print and I am very interested to see how people co-ordinate it.

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